Improving your Servers’ Security

Written by Ival on December 10, 2011. Posted in Website Design

With a growing number of internet hackers today, no website or network can be secured and immune to attacks even if these are not connected to the internet. The good news is that there can be a lot of security measures to be done to keep a well managed server. Site administrators must do all they can to improve their website’s security.

Any website or e-commerce activity can be at risk especially now that hackers are all over the net trying to cause some service to go offline or even steal important data such as credit card numbers and the like. You have to do everything to get your website protected against attacks and unauthorized network access by using simple measures.

Using a firewall on your web servers is one way to keep a secured and managed server. This can be your first line of defense against any attack. A firewall is simply a software or hardware that keeps problems from spreading throughout your network. To improve your web server security, the firewall should be placed at all access points. It may not guarantee that your website will be hacker proof, but at least it can be a good starting point.

In changing your password, you need to make it very complex by using alphabets and even numbers it really depends on you whether it would be in a very few characters in upper or lower case. Through this, it will find very arduous to those hackers or intruders to speculate.

Transfer these updates to the public server through an SSL connection. Doing this hourly can avoid having corrupted server to be exposed for a long time.

On the other hand, SSH is very much secure compared to FTP or Telnet. In fact, one of the greatest security risks on the managed server and it has the ability to create highest usage but out of your security. As well as in Firewall Protection, this is another most essential tool of security on your manage server. This kind of protection has also the ability to perceive those who are attempting to attack like hackers or intruders by giving some warnings through notification while you are using the net.

Set an alarm detector on suspicious activities and capture these sessions for review. This will strengthen your defense against possible intrusion. Use a secure capability to make a secure connection if you will administer your machine remotely. Do not allow non-anonymous connections to your machine from any un-trusted site. Limit these connections only to a minimum number of secure machines.

There is a possibility of losing your very important data or files just because of wrong demand. So make sure that should take a regular backup of all your data or files even on weekly or monthly basis. Through this, your important files or data are really secured by this kind of procedure.

Not only do all web servers have some security holes, but keeping a managed server by keeping a corporate data and resources safe from intrusion or misuse is all that matters. Installing a high quality lock on your door is useless if you leave the key right under the mat. These security tips are just a few measures that anyone running a web server should consider essential.

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