Five Reasons Why a Hosted E-Commerce Solution Might Be Right For You

Written by Ival on June 28, 2011. Posted in Website Design

A tricky part of managing an online business is facing the aspects of web design and web marketing because there are so many parts to manage. End users may never see the ventures that successful websites process daily. If you have a business in the Austin area, you may want to consider hosting with an e-commerce solution for this reason. Review the following features for reasons to use of an e-commerce platform.

1. Security and Reputability with PCI Compliance

A major aspect of e-commerce is establishing security in the eyes of potential customers. Nobody wants to give their credit card out over the Internet to just anyone. Through the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, or PCI a hosted e-commerce solution can offer you that security and reputability. A great way to market your business and protect both yourself and your customers is to host with an e-commerce site that is PCI compatible.

2. Intermix Other Web Services

Creating an Austin web marketing campaign is easy with a hosted e-commerce solution. Web services like Ebay or Facebook are easy to integrate without having to deal with the technical aspects of getting them on your site. Using services like these can help you expand campaigns, sell your services online, or organize customers- choose whichever web services help you get the most out of your business.

3. Improve Customer Management

A hosted e-commerce sites gives you a better management system for your business by allowing you to utilize several services for tracking content and organizing contacts. You can use a return system to offer refunds or exchanges and easily edit shipping method limitations if needed. By using a hosted e-commerce site, you can bring all aspects of your business to one place and get more out of your website.

4. Professional Style and Creative Control

One aspect of the success of your company in Austin can be due to your website design. There are constantly new websites coming out of the area and you don’t want yours to be passed up. An e-commerce hosting solution makes controlling that design possible by offering professional looking templates, or HTML editing. This flexibility in web design allows you to design a catchy website that hits the mark with your target audience.

5. Analytics and Google Website Optimizer

Just like an eye-catching design, a prominent aspect of having a successful business online is optimizing your website for search engines. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO combines specific technical practices to ensure readability of a site to search engines like Yahoo! or Google. With a hosted e-commerce solution, SEO is made easy so that you can receive the page rankings that will help your business grow. Likewise, hosted e-commerce solutions let you keep track of your SEO progress with analytics that can show you where you might need to adjust or grow your website.

There is no replacement for a hosted e-commerce solution to blossom your online presence. Create a mark in your field and in Austin web design and marketing by using a hosted e-commerce solution.

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