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Building Websites – Make Them Your Own

Written by Ival on September 27th, 2012. Posted in Website Design

Making your own website is one way to get information you’d like to present available to the public. You can also create an online store or a simple blog on the web all because of the advances in website building that we have today. There are many different programs available that allow users to quickly and easily build a website, even when they have little or no experience with building websites or website programming techniques.

Building a website was once a difficult task that required a good amount of experience and understanding of how HTML coding and other types of web codes work. Many times, if someone were looking to build a website, they would hire a professional to create the website for them and would have to rehire a professional each time they wanted to make any changes to the site. Now, programs that allow you to design a website help to eliminate the middle man and offer user friendly programs that anyone could take advantage of.

These website building programs make it simple for you to make your own website. They offer templates that you can choose from in order to determine the overall layout of the website you are creating. Once you choose the proper template for the design you are looking to achieve, you can easily add other features within that template in order to achieve the look you are aiming for.

These templates are a great option for those who are just becoming familiar with creating websites. They allow users to choose the color and overall theme of their website prior to starting it. Creating the design of a website can sometimes be one of the hardest parts but, now these templates make that easy. You can choose to use a premade template or create your own custom template for an overall unique design.

Website building programs allow you to add graphics to you website without the need of implementing any codes. These graphics can be unloaded quickly through one of the upload programs provided and then they can be arranged within the website, all with the click the mouse. Other than graphics, these design programs make it easy to offer special features to your website that you may be in need of. You can add a checkout area if you’re using your website for an online store or even add an area for user comments if you’re using your website for blogging and are looking for feedback.

Content Rich Turnkey Websites Will Do Better in the Search Engines

Written by Ival on September 21st, 2012. Posted in Website Design

If you are thinking about making a start with an internet marketing business it makes sense to do so with a ready-made website. This type of website will enable the new marketer to get a business started with just some basic computer skills. Content rich turnkey websites are even optimized for search engines and are likely to attract the required business almost immediately.

There are a number of websites which offer ready-made websites for sale and some of them will even volunteer to customize the website so that it fits into the required market niche of the new business. The cost of purchasing one of these websites is not too high, considering that you are starting up a business. If such expense is considered as part of the marketing setup that any business demands, the costs actually work out to be far lower than starting from scratch.

Any turnkey website must have the right content, that includes keywords that are suitable to the business that is being set up. It is only then that the website will rank high on search engines, and thus have the capability of attracting customers to the site. The benefit from buying such sites outright is that you do not need any knowledge of web design and then going further to optimize it for search engines. Such optimization is necessary so that it can attract the right kind and number of visitors.

While content rich turnkey websites are more likely to attract the attention of search engines, it is necessary that the content has to be completely relevant to the new business, and have the right keywords in place. Content also has to be constantly updated and renewed, as there is every likelihood that keywords can change. Keywords are influenced by latest events, social factors and the constantly changing language in the media. So content has to keep abreast of these developments and keep changing so that search engines find the website and allow it to remain at the top of the rankings.

When you are looking around for content rich turnkey websites for a business, you have to be aware that the sellers may be selling the same product to a number of people. So any website that you buy may already have its clone on the internet. This requires, that as soon as you acquire a website or are intending to buy one, you must make efforts to create content that is unique to your own product or service. It is also very necessary to constantly revise copy and keep on improving on it.

10 Design Tips for Small Business Websites

Written by Ival on September 19th, 2012. Posted in Website Design

Almighty has woven the gigantic human wisdom and thoughts in few pounds of flesh “The Brain”. This is man’s build in nature to discover the hidden facts, play with colors in order to boost his self-esteem through his aptitude to innovate and create. Designers of all kind manifest these basic human traits in order to win laurels. Breathing in the social networking regime of information technology is the basic turnover in past few decades for commerce i.e. shifts from brick and mortar to click form of business. This evolution in the pattern of trade has motivated the buyers and sellers of different races and creed to shake their hands for prosperity regardless of boundaries.

Big businesses have large amount of dollars in their pockets to spend on their different mediums of communication but the actual problem exists for the miniature set up of trade where there is scarcity of resources (land, labor and capital). The real challenge for the germinating businesses is to craft an organically search optimized website in order to get maximum traffic in a cost-effective manner. This is the way in which website flourishes in the innate manner and get the maximum viewership. Website should be magnetic or alluring in nature so that people just love to visit it on regular basis in order to seek information about the product and service and also to purchase them. The key ingredients for such websites are summarized here in order to help the entrepreneurs to make & nurture their business’s website properly.

1. Nature of the Business

Wholesaling of merchandise is entirely poles apart from retailing of goods and services as their customers are different; this is what the designer of website should embrace while designing the website i.e. the deep understanding of the nature of the business. In this way the viewers will get the right and useful information from the website about the business.

2. Interactive yet Simple

Simplicity supplemented with interactivity is another way to keep people engaged with website. This is what the designers of the web should use as a competitive tool in the hypercompetitive environment. As website is an emerging way marketing products and services to the potential & existing customer that’s why it should be impressive.

3. Properly Encrypted

The website should be properly encrypted in order to prevent others to imitate the contents, graphics and text and copying codes and PayPal links. For this purpose organizations have to obtain the host or site certificate. If the certificate is valid it shows that authority has verified that website belongs to that organization.

4. Aesthetically Eye-Catching

Small businesses should use beautification as a tool to keep acquired and attract new customers. This can be done by uploading colorful images of the products and services on the regular basis. In this way surprise element will be added, every time customers will visit website they will experience new things.

5. Payment Methods

While crafting a website for small business the 2 to 3 payment methods should be provided to the customers because the people in the developing countries don’t trust paying through credit cards as the American used to do few years back. So the alternative methods like PayPal, wire transfer and etc should be provided.

6. Catalogs

The proper catalogs for the products and services should be complied for convince of the buyers. In addition to this if printed catalogs are also published it should be integrated with the digital one in order to provide symmetrical information to all the people.

7. Shopping Carts

Designer should design the proper shopping carts for selling the products in order to maintain the privacy of the customers in digital arena. Higher the people will trust the business higher will be the sales volume.

8. Social Responsibility

Website should also include the social responsibility aspect of the organization in order to convey strong message to the customers that we care for them more than anything else.

9. Feedback Button/ Section

The website should have properly designed feedback or complain section in order to improve the quality of their existing offerings as well as to get helpful information for new product development.

10. Contact Information

The proper postal and email address should be the part of the website. Now days Google maps can also be used to spot your store location on the face of the world. This will not only increases the customer trust in you but also results in fruitful revenue outcomes.

By taking into consideration the above mentioned tips the designer can come up with a master piece which can facilitate in increasing the customer satisfaction and in return help in reaping profits for the small businesses. This is the medium through which small business are now turned into big guns in the world of business like eBay and Amazon.

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Mobile Sites Act Different Than Regular Websites

Written by Ival on September 17th, 2012. Posted in Website Design

A business that wants a mobile version of his or her website made should know the basics of mobile web design. The fact is that smartphones and androids do not operate in the same way computers do, so it is necessary to apply different web design tactics in order to get visitors to stay on one’s site. Following is some helpful information to consider when creating a website specifically for mobile web browsers.

Size and Coding

Unfortunately, it is impossible to create a mobile compatible website that will be compatible with all mobile phones. One main reason for this problem is that mobile phones come in many shapes and screen sizes. Another problem is that different devices use different types of coding. Old devices, for instance, use WML encoding while new smartphones and androids use XHTML. The type of encoding one chooses would probably depend on which demographic he or she is trying to appeal to.

Styles and Design

While many mobile phones can get online, the bandwidth and speed is slower than that of a computer or laptop internet connection. Furthermore, it can be quite costly to get online via a mobile device, especially if one is travelling abroad. For this reason, it is very important to create a mobile site that can load quickly. One should avoid flash videos, animated graphics, music and other “extras” that would cause a site to load too slowly.


Functionality is important for any type of website. Even a good looking website will not be successful if it contains broken links and an unclear site map. A functional site should be secure if financial transactions are taking place on the site. It should be clear and one should be able to easily find what he or she is looking for.

Nearly all businesses that have a mobile website also have a regular website. It is important that mobile phone browsers be given an option as to which site they would rather look at. Forcibly redirecting mobile phone users to the mobile site with no way to get to the main site is likely to upset people and deter them from visiting the site again in the future.

It is worth while to create a mobile phone compatible website, as tens of millions of people browse the web using their phones and more people are likely to do so in the future. However, a mobile phone website must be properly created. A webmaster will need to carefully consider the options and then choose the best layout, template and other features, for example “Click to Call”, for the mobile phone site.

Using Information Architecture and User Experience to Design Websites

Written by Ival on September 15th, 2012. Posted in Website Design

According to the instated definition of Wikipedia, Information Architecture (IA) can be defined as the “the art and science of organizing and labeling websites.” Supporting the usability factor in website designing, the information architects focus on collating the principles of design and architecture to the digital landscape. Coined by Richard Saul Wurman, the term “information architect” is completely different from the user experience. The information architecture typically constitutes of the model or concept of information that is used and applied for addressing the unambiguous details of the complex information systems. As per Jessie James Garrett, IA facilitates in effective communication. However, the same resource (Wikipedia), explains the term User Experience (UX) as “the way a person feels about a product, system or service.” The feeling also includes the person’s perceptions of the practical aspects of the product such as the ease of use, usability, and efficiency of the system. Taking the Information Architecture as the foundation of user experience, the website design is brought to a complete new level.

The term Information Architecture is an old term compared to the web. Focusing on the structure of the content and organization of structure, the websites are organized to help user navigate through seamlessly. From simple brochure formats to complex information systems, the architects create usable content infrastructure out of the complex sets of information. Using the user centered design methodologies, the Web Design And Development Companies construe usability tests, persona research and user flow diagrams to create the frameworks. However, this is only a part of the UX design.

On the other hand, the UX design takes this informational framework and considers factors of navigation and its ability to enhance engagement. Employing a user-based design, the Web Design And Development Companies are able to produce cohesive, desirable, and predictable emotional effect on their target customers.

The emotional tug ensures that the user elicits a sensitive response contextual to the website. The UX website designers make things more profound, laying emphasis on the users and their emotional content. Encompassing the whole spectrum, the UX is IA, mixed with usability, content strategy, and creativity. Or rather as Darren Northcott puts it, the love child of Information Architect and Creative Director is UX.

Difference between the IA and the UX designers

The IA designers will conduct competitive analysis to generate page flows, sitemap, and wireframes. Usability tested, refined, and revised, the workflow then proceeds to the website designer to be implemented. The UX designers consider the IA’s workflow and consider the emotional objectives of the user. The competitive analysis is based on the interactivity levels rather that layout and structures.

Building on the structure provided by the IA, the website designed takes the user experience to complete new level. It is important to connect both creatively and emotionally and this is what the website designed collating both IA and UX achieve.