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SEO And Web Publishing Mistakes

Written by Ival on April 6th, 2012. Posted in SEO

Search engine optimization and website publishing mistakes result in non-existent or low pageranks and weak placement.

Not-existent or weak page title and meta tags (meta data) are one reason for poor keyword ranking. While meta data is invisible to the average user, page titles and meta tags are important for Google and the other search engines. Important data tags should be present on every page, including description, title, and keywords. Google recommends using descriptive, brief titles and making use of the meta tag.

Some search engine optimizers use similar or identical information on every page, which results in an unnecessary repetition. Many small businesses use their company’s name or list ‘homepage’ as the title of every page. It is important to create accurate and descriptive page titles and unique descriptions.

Using unrealistic, overused, or unfocused keywords and keyword phrases is another common mistake. You should try and find keywords and keyword phrases that drive traffic to your website. Instead of using the keyword ‘movies’, for example, find strategic modifiers or keyword phrases such as ‘movie listings’ and ‘movie reviews’. Find competitive keyword phrases and keywords and use them in your website’s meta data. Do not overuse keywords, however, as this is known as keyword stuffing. Do some research on your visitors and competitors to find great keywords. Needless to say, it is important to include your keywords and keyword phrases in the actual page content.

One common mistake many webmasters make is getting caught in SEO trends. Many SEOs spend hours writing, editing, and rewriting content to get the best keyword density. Rather than focusing on keyword density, try to write valuable and informative content that compels and engages. It may be difficult to recognize trends that will eventually pass and new best practices. This requires a keen eye on user experience, hands-on experience, and studying the subject in detail.

Using poorly written content is a common mistake because content is an important factor. You should try to develop original and useful content pages, including video, audio, text, and other materials. While text is the best content for SEO purposes, some users prefer video, audio, and other multimedia. Develop content pages that will help you establish authority and credibility and will make it easier for visitors to understand your services, products, and the new trends within your sector or industry .

Avoid using duplicate content as much as possible. There are many reasons for this to occur, such as accidentally copying text from another web page. You may have different products with the same or very similar description or the wording provided by manufacturers may be the cause for duplicate content. Every page of your site should have different images, title, introductory text, and so on. When duplicate content is present, Google’s robots are unable to differentiate between pages, which is why Google doesn’t like it. Finally, some webmasters love Flash content, but Flash websites are not ranking well for important keywords and keyword phrases.

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Is There Any Shortcut to One Way Link Building?

Written by Ival on October 15th, 2009. Posted in SEO

one way link buildingEffective link building is important for the success of any online business. To achieve that success, you need to build links and get coverage for your site on the web. Whether it may be small or big website, you need to build links for it and promote your site.

Some adopt blogging and others use Digg to promote their websites. Some prefer link exchange schemes and even link farms. This is nothing but link building. It requires investing a lot of time. Everybody agree that we do all these sort of practices only to gain good search engine ranking.

May be due to stiff competition or any other reason, Link Building techniques got over used. Nobody is taking care of value or credibility in those adopted techniques. Just remember that overdoing it will not serve any purpose. The search engines just do not consider them at all. In fact some times, your website may be even penalized for such wrong approach of web site promotion.

With effective link building, you not only get good search engine rankings but also increase your web traffic. If you can make good website promotion, then you can get potential customers. So repeated use of techniques will not only lose your search engine rankings but also make it ineffective in conversion.

Always get a mix of search engine optimization techniques and be natural. Do not stick to just Digg and pollute it with your endless stories. Get a proper mix. Be natural. Be relevant. There is no shortcut to link building, but SEO Software like SEO Elite can be a good help.

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