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Top Seven Tips for Choosing a Professional Web Designer

Written by Ival on September 15th, 2012. Posted in Website Design

Website has become a great way to target a wider market for businesses dealing in retail or wholesale sector. Even the brick and mortar businesses are relying majorly on their websites to attract more prospective buyers. With a huge scope of enhancing business opportunities through a website, it is essential to have an attractive and unique web design.

Many businesses are taking help of professional website design studios to make it interesting, alluring and eye-catchy for prospective buyers. If you are looking for a website design company, you would be lucky to know that there are many design studios that are dealing in providing website design services. They boast of a team of designers who have the right aptitude and approach to offer innovative website design solutions.

While you are making a search, it is important for you to hire only a professional web designer so as to give a classy, commercial and wonderful look. Let’s consider the top seven tips that are mostly taken into consideration while choosing a website designer:

1. Regardless of location and proximity, a website designer must communicate all the essentials of a design for your approval.
2. They must have experience of working in your business domain and industry.
3. The expertise in using different web design tactics is also vital to make your web design possible.
4. Consult with professionals about their capabilities in presenting a simple idea into a unique way.
5. Share your budget limits with them so that they can customize a unique solution that can still has a great appeal and attraction.
6. Check if you are comfortable in talking with a web designer for sharing any new idea that can make the design of a website better.
7. Gaining knowledge about their previous work will be an added advantage to understand their capabilities and success stories.

While you are sure that a particular web design studio will be successful to provide you a web design solution that can give a boost to your presence online, you can go ahead with the deal. However, you must ensure that the company also use SEO tactics to make your site SEO and user-friendly. This will be great advantage as SEO optimized website design will have better chances of appearing on top of search engine results, and eventually gaining more traffic and sales leads towards a business. So, you can now use the above mentioned tips and make your search quicker.

Seven Types of Web Design Business Models

Written by Ival on September 15th, 2012. Posted in Website Design

Are you interested in starting an online business using a web design? Maybe you’d like to make some money online? There are the many different ways of earning money online, below are seven of the most widely used web design business models.

Creation, maintenance and management of each web design varies and ultimately so do the amounts of profit. Which website business model you choose will depend on how much time, money and effort you want to put in up-front.

1. High Traffic Advertising Website.

One of the most widely used online business models it is the sole source of profit for many companies.

Websites that use this business model aim for lots of traffic and then display some form of advertising on their site in exchange for money.

Revenue is generated in three ways:

Cost per impressionCost per clickFixed rate space

Advertising services like Google AdSense make it very easy to add all forms of advertising to almost any website. Many websites based on this model use targeted content and targeted advertising that is subject or demographically specific.

Positives: Easy to kick start.Negatives: Need lots of traffic of lots of targeted traffic.

2. Commission or Fee Based Brokerage Website.

The best example of this kind of website is eBay. The brokerage model brings sellers and buyers together by providing a service that will make their transactions easier. While the simple affiliate website model just brings buyers & sellers together, the brokerage website model adds a layer between the two. This is usually a transaction broker or a market place where potential buyers can find what they’re looking for.

Brokerage websites charge a fee or commission for each individual transaction processed. This is a very powerful model because you are simply delivering technology and don’t have to deal with actual products.

Positives: Massive potential.Negatives: Expensive & challenging to set up.

3. Product Sales or Merchant Website.

Pretty sure everyone is familiar with this website model. One of the most successful examples is Merchant model websites are used by all the major online good & services retailers. In some cases the website is simply a web storefront for a traditional high street retail establishment but increasingly companies exist solely online or operate directly from a warehouse.

Overall, this website business model can yield the highest revenue. You can control the prices and also get to keep a large portion of profits as you own the products sold. The disadvantages are quite clear: Since you own the products, there is a lot more work involved. You need to provide support and worry about delivering the products in a timely manner. It also has a high level of risk because of the high investment needed to run the online store.

Positives: High revenue streamsNegatives: High investment input

4. Subscription Service Website.

With this type of website business model companies charge a daily, weekly or monthly rate. This type of business model is extensively used by magazines and newspapers and is gaining huge popularity with companies using a subscription format rather than a one-time fee.

Pay as you go subscriptions, where users sign up & pay for as long as they keep their subscription are proving to be an effective web design business model. It provides company’s with an on-going income which they can then use to improve their service and attract more customers.

Positives: Continual income streams.Negatives: Needs to be updated & improved daily.

5. Affiliate Marketing Website

This web design model needs huge volumes of targeted traffic to be a huge revenue earner. While the general web design advertising model rewards the website owner for simply advertising, this website model is based on user clicks and sales on other people’s sites that result from them. For example, if a company sells a product for £100 with an affiliate rate at 50%, buying it through the promotion on your website would earn you £50.

Owning an affiliate marketing website is a great way to earn money simply because there are no messy services or products to manage. All you need to do is simply to promote the chosen products or services and wait for the sales to come in. Many people use this website business model to earn money in their spare time.

Positives: No products or services to manage.Negatives: Can take a long time to build traffic.

6. Information Resource Website.

This kind of website earns money by charging people for information. A lot of eMarketers have made plenty of money using this simple information model. The overheads involved for individuals using this website model are virtually non-existent.

Recently this website model has been used for premium blog posts where readers are encouraged to pay a small fee to gain access to private information. To make this to work you need to be well established and have a trusted reader base. This model also makes use of the subscription website model highlighted in paragraph 4.

Positives: Continual income streams.Negatives: Needs to be updated & improved daily.

7. Community Based Website.

The Community based website model is of course as the name suggests, used to build communities of users who interact with each other.

Most of the time basic features are free with premium features coming at a cost. This website business model can be similar to the subscription business model but usually varies slightly in its functional outcomes. For example, open source communities might provide their software for free but then charge for support.

Positives: Can take off exponentially.Negatives: Takes a while to build a community.

Top Seven Reasons to Hire Website Redesign Services

Written by Ival on March 19th, 2012. Posted in Website Design

Designing a website has become the foremost step for a business to promote its products and services on a global platform. However, there is a misconception that simply building a website will help a business to achieve its goals. It is because a website will yield results only when it will be successful in leaving a positive and strong impression on the first-time visitors.

Do you also want your business to top the web world? If yes, you must take website revamp services wherein website designers will design and redesign the website to revamp the entire look. Moreover, they will work on areas that hamper the performance of a business website.

There are many entrepreneurs who hesitate in redesigning their website fearing that they might lose their rankings on search engines or even their regular visitors. But, the right approach executed by experts never gives a bad outcome. There are few reasons to hire website redesign services and some of them are as follows:

1. Website redesign is a chance to make a good impression on your new customers. It’s good to revamp your website to leave a strong impression of your business on them.

2. Ever-changing algorithms promote and demote the website on search results. Website revamp services will give another chance to increase the importance of the website on major search engines.

3. Good website design will help in spreading the message to online visitors successfully. A perfect balance of content and images will enable you to connect with maximum number of visitors.

4. Viral marketing works for all types of businesses. It can work for you only when you will have a favorable and good web design for your business.

5. Easy navigation from a service web page to a request form multiplies the chances of a visitor to become a customer than a complex and cluttered website.

6. Before hiring any service, a visitor looks for required information. Unavailability of products and services distracts them to go to a competitor’s website.

7. Adding attractive elements like videos etc. can be an add-on feature to your website that will not only engage visitors to spend extra time over your website but will also provide complete information required to make buying decision.

When you are planning to take website revamp services, you must ensure that the website redesign company has years of experience in providing satisfactory results to its previous clients.