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How Silver Light Applications Are Better Than Other Rich Internet Applications

Written by Ival on November 22nd, 2012. Posted in Website Design

Most probably it must have crossed your mind and caused you to wonder how some of the web pages wok like the standard applications on your desktop without the need of physical installation. The concept is all based on some Rich Internet Applications (RIA), which is being used by companies worldwide as a platform to create and deliver perfectly reliable and highly functional web pages.

Now, Microsoft Silverlight being strong application framework has been used by the Silverlight designers for designing Internet rich applications flaunting advanced features like the adobe flash. Microsoft Silverlight is perfect for designing applications that include Animations, Mobile applications, Games, Photo applications, Music box, Silverlight website applications, Videos, Chat rooms etc.

The main features of the Silver Light applications that separate them from other RIA are as under:

* Silverlight applications are good at integrating the plug-ins along with the existing Internet applications.

* They have rich network support.

* Image Enhancements (high resolution Images)

* They perfectly support managed extensibility framework.

* They make use of XAML.

* A huge range of compatible third party codes.

The reasons that make the Silverlight designs preferable over the other RIA are as under:

* Browser and device compatibility:

Being a product of the software industry giant Microsoft, compatibility with different devices and browsers could only be expected to be perfect as compared to any other Rich Internet Applications. The compatibility is bound to be perfect with different technologies, operating systems, browsers and devices for all the applications developed using Silverlight. And since the era flaunts its use of different devices and browsers all round the world, Silverlight applications are the most ideal technology to be used.

* The ease of development:

The fact that Silverlight is built using XML and.NET technologies, works for the benefit of the technology as any developer who has any idea of XML and.NET technologies need just a little practice to excel at the Silverlight technology as opposed to any other Rich Internet Applications. Now, this eases the need of search for a well versed developer, as there might be lots who are skilled enough to create some very powerful Silverlight applications.

* Resource efficient:

Now, as the Silverlight helps with ease of development, it also helps in minimizing the time taken to create, test and maintain the test web applications. As opposed to the applications built using Ajax or JavaScript, the apps that are built using Silverlight have better consistency across browsers, thereby reducing the time taken to test the browsers. The ease of development makes sure that the efforts are reduced and thereby the cost of development too gets reduced.

When the other platforms similar to Silverlight are great at providing support to designing, with Silverlight you can have complete support not just in designs, but also in development. Now, to entice and attract the users one needs proper and aesthetically designed website but the more crucial requirement is the perfect website development so as to make sure the website functions perfectly.

Now, as the Silverlight designers could comfortably create applications that could be run on all major operating systems, is compatible with all major devices, is supported by all major browsers and has a lot of other benefits to offer, the fact gets confirmed that the Silverlight application development could be considered as one of the best available options.

Silverlight website has becoming common day by day due to its features and effects. Microsoft Silverlight is great resource for Silverlight designers. Due to the acceptance of Silverlight app from search engine and easy adaptability development community, Silverlight has a long way to go.

Web Design – Boost Up Your Internet Business

Written by Ival on October 16th, 2012. Posted in Website Design

A website can make or break your business. The way you design and maintain your website can determine the success of your online business to a great extent. There are so many elements in a website, which when changed, can completely change the visibility of your website. When you launch your own website, you must make sure it ranks on the first page of popular search engines. Well, let us face it; for most people, if it is not on the first page, it does not exist. So, you need to keep a few tricks up your sleeve to improve your website traffic. Pay utmost attention to web design.

You should have the money required to invest in a new website design. If you do not have sufficient fund try working with free web design software’s. Having a little bit of knowledge about HTML is important if you are designing your own website. This also gives you the control of the content of your site. Do not compromise on the customer privacy while designing a website. Your customers must be assured that the site they are visiting is 100% safe. Check with your web hosting company about the security features it provides.

If all of these seem like too much of work, turn to a professional web design company. You will be provided with a lot of webpage design options before you can choose the style and layout of your website. But, picking the right designer or company is important. The company should have some experience in the field. Setting up a site is not a very easy job; especially if it is a large company. Simply put, the web design firm you choose should be done keeping in mind the kind of website you want.

Shortlist some of the best professional website design firms. You need to pay a lot of attention to the reputation a certain firm holds. Consumer reports will be available online. There will be client comments and also details about the services provided. On the website of the design firm you will get details on their past jobs and other related information. This will help you make up your mind about which company to hire to design your website.

When you brief your web design requirements to the designer, make sure you have certain things in mind. The product and the market you are targeting should be considered. The website should appeal to the target audience. Clients should find it extremely easy to navigate your website. The client should not be confused about where or how to get your product. They should easily be able to reach the page of their choice. Add past client testimonials on your website. And do not forget to add a “contact us” page. That adds credibility to your business and separates your website from hundreds of hoax websites. Once your website is designed, make sure you make the most out of it. Last but not the least; make sure you deliver what you promise.

Building Rich Internet Applications With Microsoft Silverlight

Written by Ival on October 11th, 2012. Posted in Website Design

Microsoft Silverlight is a strong application framework for running and writing Internet rich applications with the advanced features like adobe flash. Silverlight is used for the development for creating interactive user experience for the mobile and web applications. The Silverlight is a free plug-in tool that is powered by.NET framework and is compatible with multiple browsers, operating systems and devices that bring new level of interactivity where the web works. Microsoft Silverlight enables you to deliver a high definition streams that help in playing any device which run on Silverlight. It is packed with about 60 high quality skinnable and customizable out-of-the-box controls like charting and media. With the deep zoom the Silverlight the web technology brings highest revolution images and the frames. The Silverlight allows the developers to apply content to the 3D plane which can be rotated in space without writing any additional code having other effects.

Silverlight makes the creation of graphics and their controls customizable with a look of the scroll-bar the Sliverlight provides XAML bases new templates.

How to Get Rich Internet Applications With Sliverlight

Allows user interface

Microsoft Silverlight is a new generation technology which allows you to create a User Interface in a indicative format using Extensible Markup language which can be run from any place using the browser which has same features that a desktop application has. The creation of the Silverlight website is embedded with rich library and UI library with adds superior graphics which supports JavaScript support, multimedia protection and the advanced .NET framework support.

Shares projects

The Microsoft Silverlignt development and the designer tools WYSIWYG shares projects with the visual studio and in visuals studio the developer defines the Silverlight project, they share the project definition and designers use the Microsoft Expression to create the user interface WYSIWYG page designer.

Cross-browser plug-in

The Microsoft Silverlight is crafting web strategy for the business and it works as a cross-platform plug-in for the web applications. The Microsoft plug-ins enable the rich application development and works with the Internet Explorer and Firefox web-browsers. Silverlight plug-ins enable the development of the models regardless the user operating system and the browsers.

Better communication

With the use of the Microsoft Silverlight you can get a cross-platform for all the browsers and you can have full communication between your web pages and Silverlight applications of you. It increases your performance as it will work under .NET CLR. The Silverlight offers a cross-domain support for the applications and also it supports the asynchronous calls.

Supports wide applications

Microsoft Silverlight supports the PHP or the Linux which means that it does not require ASP.NET. This enables the programs to use.NE technology which is more advanced that others. This function helps to support the debugging and copy protection. The Silverlight supports third-party languages like Ruby, Python and EcmaScript. It helps the streaming of the videos more faster with best quality.

Another important role of using Microsoft Silverlight is that it provides rich graphical interactions which is clearer than the traditional ones and it reduces the maintenance, development and testing required in the delivery of the successful business applications. Unlike most of the other business applications such as JavaScript and Ajax, the Silverlight behaves consistently across different browsers and reduces the testing time.

Internet Business Failure – Mistakes Done When Applying SEO Services

Written by Ival on June 25th, 2012. Posted in SEO

The internet has so many businesses and companies on it. Many people started these businesses and companies with an aim of making a profit. However, they haven’t been able to market themselves well and some are even regretting why they even started. There are some who started and gave up along the way. The reason behind this is the lack of knowledge on SEO services. It would be good if we first knew what SEO is.

SEO is the acronym for the phrase Search Engine Optimization. This means optimizing your website for search engines. A search engine is a tool that you use to help you get information. An example that you may know is Google. Optimization deals with carrying out certain activities and changes to make something suitable. So, in essence, search engine optimization means carrying out certain changes and activities to your online website so that it can be suitable for search engines.

There are some people who have actually implemented some of the SEO services but haven’t been able to reap the benefits. Here are probable reasons why your implementation of SEO services failed:

Overuse of keywords – This is a major problem with many websites. You will find that people use a certain keyword too many times in their websites. For example, if your website is about African dishes, you will find this phrase repeated quite a number of times in the information provided in the website. Search engines usually flag these websites and penalize them. It is like their trying to cheat the search engines by providing it with this keyword many times. So if your website isn’t doing well, check on the number of times you have used the keyword.

Inadequate and irrelevant information – This could be another reason why SEO services haven’t worked for you. It is possible that your website only has one or two paragraphs about what you are offering. When search engines are looking to prioritize sites, they look for sites that provide the users with adequate and relevant information. Using the earlier example, if your website is about African dishes but information on your website is about African jewelry, it makes your website irrelevant.

Unspecific Niche – Another reason why SEO services could have failed for you is because you want your website to be a ‘jack of all trades.’ For example, you may get that your website is talking about African dishes, on another page is talks about African jewelry or and yet on another page it talks about African flights. Although the underlying theme is ‘African’ those are 3 different niches. It would be best to have each niche on its own website. Let your website be specific to one activity.

Using the right SEO Services will get directed traffic to your website. You can always get a good SEO Service Company to work on your website so that it can do well on the internet.

What Is Internet Marketing? 5 Things You Must Do For Success

Written by Ival on June 10th, 2012. Posted in SEO

There are too many people out there asking themselves, “What is Internet marketing?” Some people find the answer because they seek it avidly; some miss it because they are not looking closely enough. To which group do you want to belong? For success, look closely at the following points and apply them all.

Always add ALT tags to graphics – What are ALT tags? These are descriptions the surfer/visitor will read in the place of the graphics you post on your website, when graphics do not load. Why it this important? This is important because search engines would not know what is in the picture unless it crawls over the description; and if the description has the required keywords, it would happily index it and your website would enjoy higher ranks on search result pages.

Keep the keyword density optimal – Most marketing gurus who coach people on “What is Internet marketing” stress the importance of keyword density. Too little density and the search engine would dismiss the page as irrelevant; too much density and the search engines would mark it as spam and ban it. Hence, you need to strike a balance for optimal density. Generally, 3-5% keyword density is considered safe. However, you need to keep analyzing the results until you settle for the optimal percentage.

Do not use too much Flash/Frames and Java Script – Most courses that teach “What is Internet marketing” point at the fact that websites that use too many elements of Flash, Java Script and/or frames antagonize the visitors because these are too distracting. What is even more important is that these elements tend to confuse the search engines, resulting in your website getting pushed to the end of the line.

Add highly relevant text – This is one of the best answers to “What is Internet marketing.” Search engines (as well as people) are looking for relevance between the keywords the website has been optimized for. If the relevance is poor, you will be pushed away by the search engines. Start with the title tag, and then move on through the page and have it optimized for a keyword very carefully.

Add links from other relevant sites – List your website on all major directories. Seek out especially the industry your products are dealing with and list and network with them to gain access to other like-minded websites. Try establishing a “resource page” on the website named ‘Resource Information’ and through it seek reciprocal links from other complementary websites.

It is not difficult to answer to the question, “What is Internet marketing.” But if you do not implement this advice correctly, success will elude you.