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Slow Loading Pages: What can Image Optimization do?

Written by Ival on October 29th, 2009. Posted in Website Design

Image OptimizationPeople of today’s generation makes internet as a part of their lives’ routine. From cafe’s, to school, offices and even houses internet is very useful. As the years pass by, internet changes. A perfect example is broadband connection. Due to its high-tech features, many people shifted to it.

On the other hand, the price of broadband internet is higher than dial-up connections. Although, many people sacrificed big amount of payments they are satisfied of the services of broadband internet. Dial-up connections are still in fashion. Many people patriotize its services due to cheaper amounts. But sometimes, its capability of loading for a shorter period of time varies on the content of a web.

The best way a web maker can do to impress his costumers is to think about the capacity of the two internet connections. Many things must be meticulously compared. One of it is the loading time an internet connection may consume in visiting a particular website.

On dialup connections, it is still easy to load small-size files. Especially on text-bases only. Many web designers use large images on their sites to attract users. Large and attractive images are nice ideas, but thinking on dialup users it can cause disaster for them. It will make them wait for a couple of minute, thirty minutes, or worst even for on hour! For sure, a web maker will feel terrible to know that their costumers are waiting for a long period of time already.

Small-sizes file and direct to the point texts and images are enough for the users to be attracted. As long as, creativity is used and important things are emphasized on a web. In this way, many internet users will visit a web it it is very easy to log in.

In reducing the size of a file, mainly on images, it is difficult to maintain its original appearance. Luckily, by the use of the image editing software an image can be decreased in file size but never in appearance. Image editing software can be used in a web to take all the unnecessary contents. Editing softwares can now be downloaded from the internet for free. For those who have a photoshop, it will be easier. For an instance, a JPEG image can still be changed to have a greater outlook. Because in saving a JPEG image can still choose the rate of quality and its appearance. A PNG format can be used also. While a GIF format needs to be done properly to maintain the quality of an image. But there are so many choices of softwares, all you have to do is to make a wise decision.

In choosing the right software two things must be kept in mind. Both quantity and quality. Nevertheless, the user and web maker will both benefit.