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A Guide to Building a Website for Your Company Using WordPress

Written by Ival on November 25th, 2012. Posted in Website Design

WordPress is one of the most popular and highly sophisticated content management systems you can find to help build your website. Incorporating it into your website’s builder portfolio will offer you a low cost solution, regardless of how big or small your plans may be. WordPress is an adaptable system that operates on an adaptable platform so the kind of value that you would get here far outweighs any other system that you would have put in place.

Using WordPress in building your website is the very definition of simplicity. It’s an incredibly useful business tool, one that allows you to build a site from your own domain, as well as allowing you access to a couple of dozen emails. All this is courtesy of the domain mapping upgrade. That’s not even the half of it; with WordPress you don’t need any professional design or hosting skills, and with the added value of custom plugins and themes, your website will have the luxury of witnessing the most elaborate content management system at the very peak of its powers.

How to get started

The first and perhaps most unappreciated step; find a good host, one with minimal limitations. Reliability and stealth becomes crucial here. Once you have this locked, then you need to think about compatibility. WordPress requirements haven’t changed all that much, but for your website to operate at full width, then you will need two main things;

PHP version 5.2.4 or better

MySQL version 5.0 or better.

The next step is to build your website around your content-not the other way around. You need to develop a static front page that acts as your home base-if you will, where you put up your company profile-make it simple and friendly.

Then you go on to create a series of subsidiary pages with a logical order of key information streaming. This makes your website more like a business portfolio and less like a journal based timeline. You want your website to be a resource base, not a feature blog consisting of dozens of random events. WordPress allows you to do just that! This step also allows you know the number of pages that will eventually end up with. If they turn out to be too many, then it is perhaps advisable to include a ‘site index’ that makes for easy navigation.

By this point you are already up and running, so you need to select a theme that emphasizes the purpose of your website, and appeals to your target audience. The theme should be simple, nothing fancy, just a little access point for you key pages on a top bar menu. You need a theme that you can identify with, and one that won’t require changing every so often. This is mainly due to the fact that it will show up on just about every page on your site, so you need to pick wisely.

These are only a few of the many steps that can ensure your websites blends well into the WordPress spectrum, and that you get the best possible value. Remember that less is more here-so avoid cluttering your website with tons of irrelevant information-keep it simple.

Starter’s Guide On Web Design and Search Engine Optimisation

Written by Ival on November 18th, 2012. Posted in Website Design

If you are looking for a comprehensive guide on the best form of online marketing, SEO, this set of information would be helpful to you in more than just a way.

If you want to polish up your knowledge about search engine optimization (SEO) or new to this form of marketing, accessing the right set of knowledge is all you need to see the visibility of your website get a lift.

This is highly important as assuming the wrong things or formulating wrong policies may do more damage than good. Moreover, a professionally-designed and optimized website can easily reduce the efforts and resources employed by you to promote the visibility and acceptability of the website without incurring additional expenses. Moreover, the provider of search engine optimisation should have the relevant experience and success behind it before it can be behind the success of the online presence of your business.

For this, it is highly recommended that you do a comprehensive search about some of the best web promotion companies and the packages offered by them. While doing this, you should make it a point to find out the reasons behind the performance and the success of the marketing company. Doing a negative search for the company like “ABC fraud” on Google will help you find out the authenticity behind claims made by it. There is no company that will have no negative reviews, but if there is a consistency in such reviews and the same are backed by facts and proofs, it is best to avoid such a company. Similarly, a marketing firm that makes automatic submissions and getting its links from link farms or similar sites can get your website in trouble, sooner or later. Furthermore, someone offering you marketing results instantly is best avoided as there is nothing like overnight results, with or without search engine optimisation.

It will actually be a better for you to trust word-of-mouth feedback than web marketing forums and trust a company that follows ethical procedures. Moreover, you should always ask for references and have a close look at the portfolio of the marketing company before assigning it the creation and/or maintenance of your business’ online presence.

In addition to that, it is very important for you to identify and specify your requirements in advance to the marketing firm and ensure that the website design of your website is enriched with SEO features and strategies as that will make it easy for the site to show up a strong face in search engine result pages and gain traffic, leads, and sales. In short, there is nothing that beats the right set of knowledge and insights about the marketing world and to help you and your website experience success in the right ways and marketing strategies are no exceptions.

The Essential Guide in Hiring a Web Designing Company

Written by Ival on November 13th, 2012. Posted in Website Design

The business world has become very aggressively competitive in today’s business scenario. So to stay ahead of the competition businesses are now using the internet as a medium to promote their services and products. However some companies fail to get noticed simply because they do know how to market themselves properly. To market a company online, the first thing any business house will be required to construct an official website. Now constructing a website for professional reasons is not an easy thing and should not be taken lightly. Now sometimes companies have designers within the company that know exactly how to design a website professionally. In most cases companies have to hire the services of a web design Sydney based company to do the job. If you want to build a website for your company you too should hire the service of a web designing company.

Now when it comes to hiring the services of a designing company, you have to exercise certain precautions. Do not fall for companies that are offering prices which are way to low in comparison to well known design houses. The chances are that these companies will provide you with work that will look like the handiwork of an amateur and you really would not want that. So it is best to hire well known companies at least you know that they will have a professional approach to designing your website. Once you have zeroed in on a particular design agency; try to go to their office and get in touch with a representative and you must also glsnce through the company’s portfolio. You must also take the time to view any documents before you sign them, clarify with the company regarding the amount that you will have to pay for their services. Make sure that they do not trick you into paying any hidden expenditures.

The web designer from the website design Sydney based firm will carefully study what you exactly want in terms of the website design. Most design houses allow the customers to put in their ideas for designs. The company will then put together more than one design for your website. You can choose any one out of them. The designer will also include a Creative Logo Design within the design of the website. the logo that is designed will represent the company in the future. The design house will also make sure that all the content posted on your website will be relevant to your business at all times. Having a website will allow people from all over the world to view your website; your website will serve as a marketing tool to people living in any time zone. So basically the website will market your company round the clock and that is a huge advantage. So follow the advice given in this article and hire the service of a design agency but make sure that approach the whole thing with a lot of caution to avoid falling into the trap of a con agency.

Website Setup Guide – How to Have a Website With High Usability

Written by Ival on October 1st, 2012. Posted in Website Design

A strong online presence is essential to any Internet marketing business. Your website is the first contact with potential customers and it should be designed with careful consideration for their needs. Without a doubt, the most important factor to consider is usability. There are several strategies that you can use to provide the best possible experience for your customers. Follow the advice below to increase your website usability just like the experts.

Help your customers find your website more quickly and easily by using a powerful tagline. Pick words that will be memorable, clearly describe your product or service and engage your potential customers attention. Stay away from clichés and give your product a unique and unforgettable tagline that is short but provides a recognizable branding opportunity.

Increase your site usability with a search box on your website. Customers want to get to the information they need in the quickest way possible and the search box can help them get there directly. Studies have shown that placing your search box in the upper right is the optimum position. The optimum width is around 27 characters. A small search box does not allow your user to see what they have typed.

High tech graphics may look attractive, but keep in mind that they add substantially to load time. If your page takes too long to load, you potential customer may move on to another website before you have a chance to make a sale.

Planning website navigation is critical to usability. Navigation buttons must be clear and easy to read. A site map makes it easy for your customers to find their way around your site without excessive clicking. The link to your site map should be in a prominent place on your home page. A site map also makes your website more user-friendly to search engines. Including a site map benefits both your traffic and your usability.

Always include simple and obvious navigation back to your home page on each page of your site.

Avoid the use of CAPTCHAs when designing your purchase process. They are annoying to customers.

Encourage communication by providing a highly visible link for customers to use if they want more information.

Revisit each of these essential website components on a regular basis to evaluate their effectiveness. If something is not working, try changing the position of any of these elements to see if your traffic increases.

As you can see from the advice above, you don’t need an expert to design a website with maximum usability. These helpful tips can provide your customers with the best experience and help increase your bottom line.

Your Guide on How to Build an Online Store

Written by Ival on September 25th, 2012. Posted in Website Design

Your website pages must load quickly

According to study, an online shopper’s mind is stuck with the idea of getting things in an instant. With a good internet connection, a shopper only can only wait up to 4 – 6 seconds for a page to load. Beyond this time barrier, you will already miss out a potential customer and a potential sale.

Visible contact information

Your website must have visible contact information displayed on the pages. This will be good in promoting the credibility of the site and the shopper can also be rest assured that they will have a good time shopping without worrying. This will also help them if they have questions and in case of problems that can occur during the purchasing process.

Visible search bar

A visible search bar is needed in an e-commerce website. This will help aid potential customers look for more precise needs and help them save time in browsing all the pages.

Show recommended and related products and services

Sometimes, shoppers don’t know what they really want to buy. And helping them narrow their search by showing recommended and related products is really a good help and will make their shopping easier, which is one of the goal of an online shopping website.

Security badges

A security badge will make the shoppers worry-free and will give your website a great credibility in return. This will ensure your potential costumers of a scam-free shop.

Shopping cart and ordering process

When someone shops, a shopping cart is also needed. In online shopping, online shopping cart software can also be used. These will aide your potential customers in organizing and sorting out their possible purchases. Selecting the best kind of online shopping cart software that best fits your e-commerce website can really be efficient.

Here are some tips in increasing the usability of the shopping cart and ordering process.

– Breaking up the order process

Purchasing online can sometimes be a complicated process. Breaking it in smaller pieces can give comfort and assurance at the same time for potential customers.

– Visible cart content

Having a summary of the content of the cart visible at all times will provide shopper the control of what is ready to be purchased and what’s not.

– Show every fee

No hidden fees must be done. Every shopper wants to always know how much he will paying and what each payments are meant for. A right compensation on every purchase will give a shopper a good online shopping experience.

– Payment options

Having a cash on delivery basis on every purchase is good but this limits the opportunity of the possible clients to order online. They may have the capacity to acquire goods or services but the payment option limits them to do so. Some other payment basis to really consider is by the use of credit card and Paypal. This will give them a variety of payment basis in purchasing online.

– Always display a confirmation page

Displaying a confirmation page in purchases online helps the shopper review the list of orders to be made before finalizing the order.

These are some things one must consider in putting up an online shopping and e-commerce website. These will really help not only the website’s owner but will aid online shoppers have a good online shopping experience.