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4 ways to convert your designs into a website

Written by Ival on April 12th, 2012. Posted in Website Design

In order for graphic designs to be viewable in web browser like Firefox, Explorer, Chrome or Safari they need to be converted into a website. The two most popular coding languages are HTML/XHTML and PHP. Here are 4 ways you can do this.

Convert to HTML or XHTML – You can convert your design into a HTML transitional or HTML strict document. The acronym HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is a standard programming language that allows software browsers to read in order to display internet web pages. This is the basic programming language used to build websites. It’s important to get a coding company which will convert your design into valid W3C markup. These standards are maintained by the World Wide Web Consortium.

Convert to WordPress – WordPress is a very popular Content Management System used by millions of people around the globe. It allows you to manage the content (text, images, video) on your site by yourself without the help of a web designer. You can get a coding company to convert your design into a WordPress theme which can then be installed onto a WordPress site.

Convert to Joomla – Joomla is another very popular Content Management System (CMS) used my many people to develop websites. It is very similar to WordPress but it’s a little more complex. Joomla is based on the PHP programming language.

Design to Magento Conversion – If you are designing a website for a ecommerce website, Magento is the best open-source ecommerce system available. It is very comprehensive and user-friendly. It will allow you to sell hundreds or thousands of products online and has modules for payments, shipping, reporting and taxes. Magento is a PHP based system and you can get your design converted into a Theme to be installed onto Magento.

A Graphic Design Degree In Two Years

Written by Ival on April 10th, 2012. Posted in Website Design

Degree courses are available online and at traditional university settings. Traditional courses at campus based settings will cost more than online colleges that also offer greater flexibility and radically different lab requirements. The World Wide Web and mobile content as it relates to social media applications as well as cloud-based content will keep graphic designers professionally engaged for years.

Comparable online two and four year programs with full accreditation are possible options versus campus-based settings. Selecting a professional program should include the following considerations. Accreditation is very crititcal for credit transfer and continuing education. A 2nd important factor is related to professional faculty development and art experience. Is the curriculum modern and reflective of current art and design, theory and practice? Is the degree course work grounded in professional technological standards, tools and applications? Necessary and integral to professional growth is learning models, peer review and critiques . Career placement and portfolio collaboration combined with liberal art studies are another set of considerations. Adult learners and lettered students will find online programs flexible to schedule versus traditional campus degrees.

Typical syllabus listings will reveal identical academic and professional requirements for graphic design degree programs. Traditional colleges and universities require textbook, lab and basic drawing implements. A student owned pc with a complimentary OS, professional graphic design software, word processor, broad band Internet, Web camera, headphones or speakers, and digital camera will discover online coursework a real pleasure. Hand rendered models will require basic art supplies such as charcoal, pencil, newsprint and sketch paper. No textbooks are required. 3rd party, conflict free proctors will examine students via online.

Online tuition is obiviously less expensive than traditional colleges with higher fees for both full-time, part-time, resident and non-resident tuitions, labs and fees. Competitive and value driven propositions symbolize online school tuition because of the almost zero overhead operational expenses. The real stock in online programs lies in the fact that instructors are compensated well and motivates professional fellowship. Dynamic online college financial aid designed with student requirements makes online programs a viable option to Federal student aid. Another benefit to online study is lower student loan costs graduation which is considerably significant now in today’s economy.

Web sites, cell phones, print publishers, advertisers and Internet firms will create a great demand for graphic design developers. Web site design and graphic animation skills will be highly demanded, especially well rounded liberal arts graduates for communication strategies.

The World Wide Web will produce 1.0, 2.0 and eventually 3.0 career opportunities for graphic design degree graduates for several years going forward.

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A Few Tips for Engaging a Graphical Designer in the Houston Vicinity

Written by Ival on March 31st, 2012. Posted in Website Design

There are several firms which offer graphic design in the Houston vicinity, and these companies can be located by conducting a Net search. Typically, discovering a quality design specialist or corporation that supplies graphical design could be a difficult proposition. There are so very many of these sorts of services offered that it can be confusing merely to pick one arbitrarily. A really good possibility is to utilise the aid of a website design index that can let you search for corporations by zip code, and then supply a query and just let design specialists get in touch with you. You could find this to literally be the most convenient method to acquiring a designer which matches your wishes. There will be a couple of significant items to take into consideration whenever hiring a graphic designing company.


This is an important factor you will need to think about whenever you're looking for a firm that offers graphic design in the Houston area for your internet site project. It is essential that you opt for a Houston web designer that’s got a name for providing splendid work. Hiring a design specialist which just doesn’t meet your expectations won't provide advantage to you and in fact , may be a true waste of your time as well as money. It’s important that you utilize precautionary measures to make sure that you engage an organization which will provide the best service, and at a really fair fee. You can also get in touch with the Better Business Bureau to look into the track record of any individual you are thinking about employing. In addition , it is advisable to study testimonials published by past and current clientele of the organization to find out how they really feel regarding the service rendered by the firm. This'll aid you in deciding whether or not to do business with that firm.


The look and feel of a site has a lot to do with the all important first impression. Creating a domain which has visual appeal is an important side of web design. Opt for a graphical design firm that may utilise attractive as well as top-quality graphics and images which will be related to or relevant to your line of work. These arethe best suited sort of images to catch the attention of your visitors. Whenever it comes to graphic designing for a website, you cannot just pick out any graphics. You do not need to have a website that is loaded with way too many graphics that will inhibit skimming speed. This could become frustrating for the website guests and they may merely exit. You will need to be certain that the web page opens up rapidly so that your future customers will not exit. Hence, you must eliminate slow loading pages and needless artwork. The prospects which land on your website online will be pleased and look at what it is you offer if they view your site fast loading, visually appealing and uncomplicated to explore, so you'll want to engage with a company which exhibits immense skill and awareness of what a pro site ought to look like. The renderings of a design firm will provide of the type of artwork the organization offers.

Written Agreement

Another important thing to keep in mind when thinking about getting graphic designing in Houston or any web designing project is the contract you sign with the service supplier. You need to ensure that everything is written down and signed by both parties. Read and understand what the contract claims prior to signing it. Make sure that the contract incorporates the services to be provided, how much you're being charged and other relevant info.

With the many billions of web sites on the Internet and the strong competition to attract attention from the internet site prospects in any market, professional graphic design is a necessity for any person or firm wanting to attract attention from the Internet browsers. You'll certainly benefit incredibly whenever you opt for a high quality service which offers graphic design in the Houston vicinity, to provide you with services.

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Making a Living as a Visual Graphic Artist

Written by Ival on March 10th, 2012. Posted in Website Design

Having a career that you are passionate about is important, but in the world of art, it may take years before having a nice income to live off. Creating an income from a passion in art is a difficult task, if your art is not very popular. Visual graphic artists can use their skills in commercial art and advertisement. Resorting to career choices that exploits their art to earn a living, makes artists feel like they are not being true to their career.

If you are good at drawing and sketching, this skill could be used at an advertising agency or production house to render illustrations for use in brochures, posters and online advertising. Illustrating pictures in a magazine or bring a children’s book to life is a great way to earn a living while pursuing a career in art.

Three dimensional computer generated characters in various video games, movies and television shows all started out as a simple sketch.

If you are computer literate, you may be able to complete a few courses on graphic design and move into this career quite easily. Graphic designers are responsible for the layout and design of items as simple as cereal boxes and as complex as machinery. They combine text with images, usually on a Macintosh, and you would need to learn how to use programs such as Photoshop, Indesign, Freehand and Illustrator.

Creative and Art Directors in advertising agencies develop the concepts behind advertising campaigns, creating the ideas that are then put together by graphic designers and desktop publishers. Desktop publishing and graphic designs are great career choices, but might not always let you express art the way you would like to.

Web designing is another popular outlet for aspiring artists that can be accomplished through training. Programs such as Dreamweaver are used for website design and development.

Creative sculptors can pursue a career in carpentry while waiting for their original art to become popular. Metalwork skills can be used to build metal furniture and garden decor, as well as ornate gates, light fittings and outdoor decor. Sculptors gain recognition of their three dimensional designs as they move into exhibition.

Artists can also earn by teaching their craft, whether at schools and colleges or by giving private tuition. Museums hire artists for various positions, including art conservation and restoration.

Painters produce income by outsourcing their services to private residents or commercially owned businesses. Direct your target market towards things you are good at painting.

Artists have many ways they can express their art and generate an income. Although the work may require that you sacrifice some of your artistic principles for the sake of an income, you need to consider whether a painter with no canvas or paint is better off than one who can afford to buy the supplies needed to practice his art when he can.

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Importance of Theme In Magento Along with Role Of Designers

Written by Ival on March 1st, 2012. Posted in Website Design

Magento has numerous useful and valuable features. For making proper and effective use of Magento- features is be determined by Designers. Magento Designer should recognize about available Magento Templates. The Designer can moreover check a variety of themes and have some exclusive and good ideas when creating a new theme.

Business website based on Magento, and Magento theme needs to be applied as per client’s specifications. By using Following three methods for you to select Themes:

Themes Supplied by Magento, which can be default setting up, these themes are:

1. Totally free

2. Also they are No cost,

3. Default

4. Default.

Positive aspects of the themes that are included with Magento are:

1. These themes are No cost,

2. In these Themes less time needed for store creation,

3. Some real good stores can be created utilizing themes offered with Magento.

3. It has high price.

1. Few unique stores may perhaps look similar.

1. They are Free,

3. Support issues.

4. May not work upon all Magento versions.

4. Also Modern.

1. New company or some one unsure whether Magento is perfect cart for him or her.

1. Real good stores is often created by using themes included in Magento Cart.

3. It may happen that, the Store owner do not have time to hold back for launching a web site.

Few themes that have Magento are:

1. Telescope.

2. Pet Store.

2. Few different stores could possibly look similar.

3. It might not work with all versions of Magento.

5. Eco Fashion.

When Use These Themes:

Free Themes:

There are a few Magento commerce template shops which provides free themes. These can also provide.

Benefits of it are generally:

1. Themes presented by Design template Shops are Free.

2. They demanded less time for developing your e-commerce shop.

2. Telescope.

3. Linen stretch.

4. Classic.

1. Support issues

6. Inspire Blue

3. Store might look unskilled.

Few Places From Where you can Get Free Themes:

1. Magento templates

1. You can get it from Template Master

3. Magento templates

4. Design for Magento

4. You can get the application from Mag-themes

5. You can get it from Design for Magento

Unique Themes Are Also Available:

These themes are designed utilized to mind the concept of your original store. Special theme is a design specially developed as a result of scratch with thought to help you store identity.

Positive aspects:

1. Your Website will obtain professional looks.

2. Gives unique identity for your store.

3. Higher conversion rate stands out as the ultimate result of specific design.


1. Store might look not skilled.

2. Store design may look similar to that of competitor’s store or to another store whose popularity isn’t good.

3. If design Company not good you wind up with something that even a free or Magento theme would have done.

At which point of the time you should refer it all:

1. You have access to some good Magento designer organization.

2. When you have an effective budget for it.

3. You have sufficient time in hand to launch web page.

4. When Access to the best Magento designer Company.

5. You have a good budget.

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