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General Web Site Design Blunders That Beginner Bloggers Make

Written by Ival on June 17th, 2010. Posted in Website Design

Though you are using a theme, a blogger is going to personalise the new website in some ways to make the layout the way they want it to look. But, this is where the design could go wrong in a big way for users of WordPress, by doing nothing!

How plenty of websites have I seen that say “Just another WordPress blog.” Go through the options of your new site and check for that now – get it looking right straight from the start!

As for actual layout errors, one of the first elements of the page layout that a lot of bloggers are playing with is several advertising. It is always nice to earn a little extra money from your site, whether it is merely a hobby or intended as a money making system. So adding several affiliate banners, Google Adsense blocks and so on is quite common. And you are allowed 3 Adsense blocks, a Google search block and more.

This means that the temptation is to throw a large add unit into the post and several around the sides along with scattered half relevant affiliate banners. But this is a huge mistake. Look at professional web-sites and you will notice that they keep their advertising to some key positions. By having advertising everywhere readers must wade through the adverts to find the content. This is not what they want. The average reader wants to find the content, not feel as even if they are just wanted for their monetary value to you.

So to stay away from the over advertising mistake, only keep adverts to one or two positions and include only those adverts that do really well.

The next design mistake is to have broken links. Not merely are these bad for search engines, but they annoy readers. Yet they are easy to detect. If you are using WordPress look for a broken link plugin that suits your way of working, install it and fix those links. Broken links lose your credibility very quickly.

Still with navigation, the opposite is also true – not linking enough. Most site themes will show a list of your recent posts, but that is not always what new visitors want to see. They want to see your best and most popular writing. So get hold of a plugin to help you display most popular posts – either by the most read or the most commented. Also, link to related posts so that when a visitor has finished the present post they have something else to go onto. This means that new visitors are steered around your web site, staying on it for longer and possibly becoming regular followers.

Lastly, don’t get carried away with your post titles. Remember that several readers might be going through your RSS feed and all that they see round your new post is the start of its title. Make it good so that they click the title to read the post. If the titles are meaningless, they will very quickly delete your RSS feed from their reader.

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Are Submission Web Sites Hurting Your Web Site Ranking?

Written by Ival on December 23rd, 2009. Posted in SEO

Wondering how you might be able to get ranked on top for a specific keyword? Thinking there may be a short cut or two? Recently I had the opportunity to work with a client who was also in search of ways to automate much of the search engine optimization process. I started the assignment working with him to improve his website design and architecture. Soon there after, we focused on building links to his site.

Off page optimization is all about building your web site’s popularity. Google measures this by applying their algorithm and rewarding you with a Google Page Rank. Once your page has Google PR, it can easily be compared with other pages in the same genre. This is especially true with new sites or pages that have very little history associated with them.

The first step was to make sure that the site had all of the necessary characteristics that would make it easily accessible by search engine spiders. After applying the proper navigation, meta tags, and keyword application we evaluated the site for size and loading time. After this optimization was complete, we identified a few key link building strategies.

One particular link strategy is related to directory submissions. Essentially you find directories that are well established and relevant to the subject matter of your own web site. The site I was working with had about 300 directories that would be ideal for a site like has. As a result, and due to the urgency by which he wanted the work done, we chose an automated directory submission service.

After we used the service for directory submission I was shocked by the results. The keyword phrase that we were trying to improve ranking for was impacted negatively. In fact, rankings declined by more than twenty three positions. One might challenge my results saying that even if there was a negative effect from the automated submission that it wouldn’t happen that quickly. I beg to differ based on a fairly controlled test.

At the time, we were not focused on any other type of link building activity. Due to the immediate nature of the impact on search rankings, I’ve concluded that automated submission had a negative impact that was significant. My only hope is that its not everlasting.

Is automatic directory submission a thing of the past? Is it to good to be true? If you based your opinion on my recent experience I would say yes. Using the auto submission process had a very negative impact on search engine rankings for the site I was working on. Even though I can’t verify the impact of all services I assume that you should think twice before assuming that a submission service is going to save you time or give you better results.

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Improve The Ranking Of Your Website With These Helpful Tips

Written by Ival on December 23rd, 2009. Posted in SEO

Getting started online is now easier than ever. When I began doing business online I quickly developed an understanding of html and web design. The process of creating new web pages and promoting the code to a live server was complicated at first but got easier with time. Once I was online however, I quickly figured out that having a good design sense wasn’t enough to give me top rankings.

So I did what most people do, I began my quest for information about search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, and applied as much as I could. I spent thousands of additional dollars rebuilding my website and countless hours tweaking, updated, and changing things until I was well positioned for higher rankings.

After applying some basic improvements to my website design, I only saw a small impact on my rankings. I seriously expected to be in the number one position for my site name as well as a particular keyword phrase I was trying to optimize for. But the small improvement motivated me to continue experimenting and learning more about SEO.

The happy ending to my story is that I eventually got to where I needed to be on most of the major search engines. However, it took much longer than I had expected or ever truly wanted it to. The good news is that I learned a great deal about search engine optimization throughout the process and want to share some of the most powerful techniques Ive learned which should save you tons of time and expense.

The most valuable lesson I learned about doing business on the web, from all my research, was that the most important aspect is choosing the right niche for your site. As a factor of segmentation, you also need to choose the right keywords to optimize for. Depending on the level of competition for that keyword or keyword phrase, the promise of top rankings might be easy, or for the most competitive keywords, extremely difficult.

Build a simple website. Dont get fancy and dont try to use the latest and greatest programming language. Start with a basic website coded in html. The search engines prefer this and you can make updates easily.

A really great thing you can do after your site is designed is focus on building in bound links. In bound links can be explained as links from other websites that point to your site. The value here is that Google in particular evaluates the sites linking to you and uses this information to rank your site in search results.

If you are searching for SEO related information and advice, be careful of self professed experts. You want to make sure that the advice you’re receiving has been proven to work. Unfortunately, there aren’t many “secrets” about SEO out there. What differentiates one technique from another is simply the strategy and process involved. You should always be learning more an experimenting with various SEO techniques.

You may get impatient with SEO because it takes time. It requires that you are constantly learning and improving your techniques. The one thing to keep in mind is that you can always find tools to help you succeed. Consider SEO software or working with people who have experience and can guide you. This ensure continual improvement and better rankings.

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Finding The Perfect SEO Consultant For Top Rankings

Written by Ival on December 21st, 2009. Posted in SEO

Succeeding online takes more than a firm understanding of online marketing. Even if you’ve mastered paid search and online advertising, you still need to focus on getting your site listed high in the organic rankings. Doing so creates an ongoing stream of targeted traffic. In order to achieve success in this area consider using an SEO consultant with a proven track record. This is often more affordable than people think and pays huge dividends.

Starting an SEO program for your business is easier than you think. There are numerous SEO consultants and experts that can show you how to radically improve your rankings for much less than you might think. In fact, many search engine optimization consultants can save a good deal of money for you if managed properly.

Getting the most from your SEO consultant requires a number of considerations. I have found that the most productive engagements around optimization and SEO all have these same criteria in common. By adhering to these principals, mutual expectations are set and each party has a clear understanding of what is being delivered and by when.

The first thing you want to do is find an experienced resource who can help you succeed. Be sure to ask for examples of his or her work from the past and do what you can to better understand what they’ve done for others in a similar situation as your business or web site. Doing your homework up front will pay dividends as you maintain your relationship with the consultant.

The second step is to mutually agree upon whats being delivered. Most clients feel that by paying a search engine optimization consultant a sum of money that their site is going to instantly rank number one on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. I can tell you first hand that’s not the case. The purpose of a search engine optimization consultant is to help you construct an effective strategy for the long term optimization of your web site.

The final step is to plan for implementing the suggestions made by your SEO consultant. Where most companies fail after an engagement with a consultant is by not implementing findings. You should start the process of assembling an implementation team even before you engage a consultant. This ensures that the team will buy into implementation suggestions and that you’ll be successful changing important aspects of your website for optimization purposes.

Whether you’re creating a new website or trying to improve the rankings of an existing site, its important that you find a reliable resource that can help you succeed. Define what success looks like for both you and the consultant you’ll be working with. By doing so, you’re creating a mutual understanding of the work that’s being done and clearly understand what it means to your business.

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SEO – The New Rules For 2009

Written by Ival on October 14th, 2009. Posted in SEO

search-engine-guidelinesThe world of search is under heavy transformation and 2009 will positively be bringing new surprises, features and new search tools. What appears is the fact that search engines such as Google, are going to increasingly value your choices and clicks as a reference value to serve relevant results for your queries.

SEO gurus made some predictions about the changes they expect from Google in 2009.

Content will still be the king. Always provide fresh and unique contents. Meta tags and targeted keywords are not that important anymore. A well-searched keyword is the one that matters. Relevance of the content is the main factor for Google to value your post. Serving the needs of your readers should always be the number one thing in your mind. It is the relevance and quality of the content associated with the searching habits of the reader that Google would be looking for. Incoming back links with high values will still help.

Content will still be the predominant factor for the worthiness of a site, but that the other media like video and pod cast will become more important as Google sees how searchers request for it. Along with text, video is already making way with universal search results. Therefore, now is the opportunity to optimize rich media contents for fast results. Videos placed in You Tube ranked within days in Google. Google is now giving more importance to videos and that it is getting better at Flash. Moving pictures are the most powerful tool for quickly communicating a sophisticated array of ideas and emotions. Therefore, video optimization will be a big push in 2009.

Due to world financial crisis, many companies are forced to decrease the expenses on advertising and on SEO.

The new rules for 2009-

Unique content will rule definitely
Web 2.0 is not a trend anymore since almost all new sites support web 2.0 paradigm.
Blogging and microblogging will get more attention
Video and conversational social marketing i.e., forums and social communities will be among the most effective ways to keep your content visible inside major search engine result pages. Therefore, if you want to create a niche among your competitors, your presence must be solid and well spread across diverse media outlets.

Marketing tactics/techniques to adopt in 2009

Identify your most valuable customers and determine what attracts them. Once you begin to focus more effort on quality visitors, you will discover that certain keywords and key phrases drive high conversions/visits. Increase your bids for those keywords and optimize your ad copy and landing pages to generate even more conversions. Be sure to look at all the terms people enter into the search box. Search engines will provide the searchers a new set of results based on his history of searching and browsing habits. Google will look into IP Address, use geo-targeting and remember which websites one frequently visits.

Your web analytics tool can easily identify your top five visiting countries, visiting states, visiting cities and so on. By knowing where most of your visits are coming from, you can optimize your campaigns to those territories.

A simple change/update of the listing’s description can improve the CTR phenomenally.

The challenge is not to pay so much attention to ranking, rather pay attention to traffic, conversions and keep building good content.