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Thinking of Hiring a Web Designer? Read This First

Written by Ival on December 4th, 2012. Posted in Website Design

This article will help you to figure out whether that web designer you are thinking of using for your website is the one to go with and how to make sure you do not handover all the money without viewing work.

Most of us are all to aware of rogue companies or individuals out there offering services and not living up to expectations. One main industry that springs to mind could be builders, but another potential cowboy area is Website designers. With so many of us not having a clue how a website is made or run how can you tell whether the potential designer you are talking to is legitimate.


Firstly, you may want to look at a portfolio of sites, which is a good idea. Do not use the portfolio as gospel because anyone can claim to have created a site so you must contact the website owner to clarify that the individual or company you are considering did make the website and if they were good to work with.

Meet them

Secondly, you should do all you can to meet up with your web designer. This is not always possible but at the very least you should talk to them via the telephone or Skype so you can get to know them and find out a real address for them.


Thirdly, make sure you get a contract for the work written up so that you have some evidence of the job at hand. Most web designers will want the same thing so this should not be a tender subject as it protects both of you.

Pay in instalments

Luckily unlike builders, web designers do not have to purchase materials so demanding a lot of money up front is unlikely to happen. A lot of designers make ask for a reasonable deposit, which can be mutually agreed and again helps to protect them but the rest of the money should ideally be agreed to be paid in stages. The stages and amount of payment at each stage need to be agreed upon by both parties to ensure mutual protection.

Double confirm all work to be carried out.

A huge reason for any tradespeople not completing the jobs is because they have underestimated the work involved so if someone seems far cheaper than anyone else it is important to check that you confirm everything that needs to be done so that you both are clear on the job that has been agreed.


By using the points above, you should be able to make sure you have chosen the right person for the job and make sure your money is safe. Unfortunately there will always be people out there who carry out poor work or no work at all but by following these steps you may scare them off before anything is agreed.

Which Should Come First – Mobile or Desktop Design?

Written by Ival on December 3rd, 2012. Posted in Website Design

Having an internet presence that is compatible with mobile technology has become an important part of having a complete cyberspace presence for businesses since so many people use smart phones and tablets to access the Internet. While there are two trains of thought about whether or not mobile websites need to be completely different than a full-sized counterpart, most would agree that there definitely should be a mobile optimized option – and it should be constructed in such a way as to be easily used on a tiny screen. Most business owners opt to build two separate creations, so the big question is which should be done first?

Mobile Design First

Since mobile websites need to be so much smaller, recommendations for creating a user-friendly one specifically for viewing on a smart phone or other small devices are to keep it simple and exercise moderation in use of the limited space. These smaller pages should generally have only the most pertinent information as well as having links to where more details can be found. Use of everything from font to images to color must be carefully considered and decided since it does not take much to overload a mobile screen.

Functional mobile design should include the logo, colors and main typography that are displayed on the main website to provide a sense of recognition; however, the amount of information presented can be abbreviated. Layouts should be more vertical than horizontal, which of course is the opposite rule of thumb for a laptop or desktop design, most of which commonly have wide screens. It is possible to take a website designed for phones and use it as-is for a full-sized layout just by making sure the design is responsive and can adjust to fit multiple screen sizes. Once all that is done, full size pages can be created by enhancing and filling the mobile ones as needed. Using this technique means there is no need to start from scratch; the smaller version website code can simply be expanded as necessary.

Desktop Design First

One of the problems faced by designers when converting full-sized websites to a mobile version is knowing how much content to include. This is why a lot of designers agree that building a smaller interface first is often easier; however, this is not always the case for all content.

By using a grid layout and responsive design, it is possible to create only one website that changes its appearance based on the format in which it is being viewed. Such a coding process can be a little more involved, but it does get the job done once and for the most part, that’s it. Both of these coding features work together to allow a website to shrink to fit smaller screens or enlarge to fit bigger ones.

The website structure is built with boxes or content areas that are independent of each other and the whole design in general, which can flow so that they are in a single column or multiple columns and vary by width, depending on the space available. Menus and other elements are built to react the same way so that even on smaller screens, scroll bars do not need to be used. This type of layout provides a way for all of the content on a website to be accessible on a mobile device without compromising how it looks or performs.

Whether starting with the smallest version of an internet presence first and then building it up or making a responsive internet presence on a grid layout, the decision will likely be different for every company and every website, depending on the desired look and features. There are multiple ways to accomplish having both versions and all it takes is a little bit of forethought in how each one will best function!

Very Little Time to Make a Good First Impression – Design Your Site Right the First Time!

Written by Ival on November 28th, 2012. Posted in Website Design

These days it is not enough just to have a website. A poorly designed site can do more harm then good. You have very little time to make a good first impression. Studies have shown if people do not like what they see they are gone in 30 seconds at the most. And it is not hard in these days of Google to find a competitors website. So what are some things to know when designing a site?

Keep it simple. Do not overload the site with sound, animation or gimmicks.

These tend to make a site look cheesy and unprofessional. A moving background can distract the reader from your true message. While not used so much anymore (thankfully) gimmicks like mouse trailers can make your site look like very unprofessional. Again it is also very distracting. It used to slow down your site a lot but with the speed of computers now, this is not a issue but still a designer taboo. And since computers are a lot faster now a lot of people will listen to music while surfing the net and do not appreciate the interruption of “hey welcome to my site!” and will click off immediately.

White space or negative space

It is not necessary to fill up every square inch of space with text or pictures. Sometimes more is better. Most website visitors do not read a site they just glance at it first off, and too much clutter will just turn them off.

Remember key words

This is a lot of what is known as SEO or search engine optimization. But the main thing is keywords. If your site is about blue widgets, Google or any search engine is not going to rank you high if you never mention blue widgets in your text, with in reason try to get it in as much as possible including especially your meta tags.

Your contact info

Do not make your reader do your work, have your contact info everywhere. In your logo at the top or along the side of every page, you do not need to have a full form on every page but your address and or email is essential, if a person decides they want more info or want to buy do not make them work to figure out how to get a hold of you.

Lastly while talking to a professional remember it is your site

Write your own content do not allow someone else to speak for you, a competent designer can give you suggestions but in the end do not allow someone else to speak for your company. Of course make sure everything is spelled right, have someone look it over. People can be turned off if every second word is spelled wrong. Let them be your words and if you want something in your design, say so. They work for you. do not allow a designer to tell you what you need.

If You Are Thinking About Creating Your First Website Then WordPress Is A Great Choice

Written by Ival on August 16th, 2012. Posted in Website Design

If you are planning to create your first website, then you can do that with the help of the WordPress blogging platform. Instead of doing this yourself you could hire a professional WordPress developer. They are hired to complete WordPress development projects that normally include the implementation, system design, extension development, integration, customization, theme creation, design works, modules development, existing modulation, module installation and maintenance support. Although WordPress is easy to use for most people, taking it to the next level requires coding knowledge and skills.

Nowadays, there are companies that are hiring WordPress developers to help them in creating their blogs and providing web management. WordPress is a system that can be used for all kinds of web development. It has been used to create successful news sites, business sites, online magazines, corporate sites and shopping sites with full ecommerce functionality.

WordPress is an open source program which means that it can be changed by people that understand its structure and have PHP coding skills. The standard set up is fine for most individuals who want to start a blog but businesses will likely want to take this a step further. If you are intent on having a WordPress site that has a totally unique them and other functionality then an experienced WordPress develop will be required to achieve this. These are some of the things that should look for when choosing the best developer to do the job for you:

The first thing that you need to look for is some evidence that they know what they are doing. They should be well grounded in web programming be experts at using the PHP coding language. It is always a good idea to ask a potential developer to show you examples of previous work that they have done for other clients. This is not always easy as many clients will want complete confidentiality with their development work and will not want their competitors copying them. With any kind of development work it is essential that your requirements are fully detailed before any work starts on the project. The developer should be willing to show you how the work is progressing on a regular basis so that any small changes can be recorded and completed along the way. If you wait until the whole job is complete any changes may be a lot more difficult to make.

To find a good developer you can go online and search for them. Most developers will show examples of their previous work where their customers will allow this. You will be unlikely to find any standard pricing for this work on their web site as each job will be different and until the full requirements are known it will not be possible to obtain a quotation and estimate of the time it will take to complete the project. With this in mind you need to try and define your requirements at the start so that you can contact a few companies and compare their prices and delivery dates.

There is no doubt that WordPress is one of the most flexible website building platforms available and it is completely free to use. If you want to make your site totally unique then you will need WordPress Development for this. A good WordPress Developer will be able to customize the site completely for you. When you are looking for a good develop be sure to be diligent and check their skills and previous work. It is important that you clearly define your requirements so that you get exactly what you want.

Checklist for Starting Your First Business

Written by Ival on August 6th, 2012. Posted in Website Design

Starting a new business of your own is a challenging project. You need to make sure you make smart investment decisions, and take care of ensuring the smooth running of every aspect of your business to ensure long term sustainability. There is a lot to take care of from bringing in capital, managing the funds, designing a strong plan, hiring, and training, designing the product, keeping the customers happy and making minimal mistakes so that your customers build confidence in your new project.

To be able to endure all of this, it is important for you to make sure you have taken all the necessary measures required to build a strong and long-term business –

1. Your Business Plan

The first step to starting a profitable business is to first develop a sound and foolproof business plan. While you are working on this, you will need to highlight various aspects of your business such as its objective, your long-term and short-term goals, and what you intend to do to achieve this. Include a vision and missions statement to go buy.

Your plan must all include all the nitty-gritty’s of the financial aspect of the business. Your projected expenses, income streams and when according to your plan will you break even and start making profit. These figures help potential investors make smart decisions in favour of your business.

2. Identifying Vendors and Negotiations

After you have made your business plan, you must start identifying vendors for each and every function of your business. Looking for real-estate to set up your office? Who will set up your IT infrastructure? Also start negotiating with recruitment consultants who will eventually source your staff. Are you looking at creating a website? Start talking to a web development company and understand what they can offer you and what your needs are.

If you are getting into a manufacturing business, start talking to potential vendors for machinery, raw material and every little thing that you will require to smoothly run your venture. Put on your negotiation hat and make sure you get the best possible deals out of everyone. Since, for every penny you save it is a penny earned, especially at the beginning of a new venture. At this time, overheads are typically higher and your income streams may not have entirely been developed yet.

3. Planning and Research

While you are implementing your business plan, it is important to continuously conduct all the necessary market research at all time. Who is your target audience? What do they expect out of your business? How can you improve your service delivery? How can you cut costs without compromising on quality?

There are always questions need to be answered and research, planning and experience are the best teachers.

In addition to this, it is important that you start looking into the crucial matters of the business such as identifying the right team of employees, designing a perfect training plan, charting out a good customer care philosophy and making sure it has translated into the workings of your business. A new business demands good leaders and it is important for you to play that part with complete confidence and business maturity.

If you are able to take care of these aspects, you are bound to build a progressive and successful business for yourself.