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Written by Lance Torres on April 13, 2012. Posted in SEO

In our previous issue, we discussed about effectively communicating with your Facebook fans. In this issue, we are going to talk about using Facebook marketing to deliver significance to your clients and customers.

It’s a fact that half of all Facebook users visit their profiles everyday? This indicates that with around 500 Million users of Facebook, over 250 Million are able to view your page.

Think of the large number of people that your small business can reach. That represents enormous amounts of dollars in return.

However, not all business pages on Facebook are successful when it comes to securing customers. You’ll need to revise it whenever needed.

Although it is primarily considered a social networking site, it would also do the company good to measure first what impact they want to give in their page.

Do you want to give a touch of corporate professionalism as an extension of your conventional office?

Do you want to make your business competent, yet not too formal or high-maintenance to be considered by people?

Or are you just looking to create a community with which all questions and other concerns of your customers can be resolved?

It’s important that you always regard value as your top priority whenever posting anything on your page. Eliminate the clutter and post only the essential things. This means fighting off the impulse to post personal content or even things that seem appealing but aren’t valuable to your audience.

Here are a few more suggestions you should contemplate:

– Get Testimonials from Customers

Looking at a person’s Facebook wall is one of the most frequent pastimes of people who are eager about social networks.At present, social media management presents a variety of rewards to business people. They can use customer opinions and testimonials as means to assure clients of the quality of their product. With that being said, asking your customers for feedback is a good idea. Of course, you would most appreciate highly favorable feedback if given under your own accord. However, this may not always be the case depending on the value of your products or services. Consider offering special deals or gifts. For instance, how about a 5% price cut for every nice feedback?

– Interact with Potential Customers

Whenever there are queries with regards to your products or services on Facebook, make sure that you get back to them right away. It would be a good impression for your Page and for your brand in general if their questions and issues are attended to at the earliest time possible. If you cannot do this, say sorry for the late reply.

To save yourself from answering the same questions repeatedly, you will want to provide something like a FAQ section on your page. If all the information can’t be included in the space available, then try using a Notes Page or a similar tool.

– Post Relevant Pictures

There are business pages that use the Photos section while others use specific applications that enable them to display their products as well as post the product images. No matter what you choose, just make sure the images are presented clearly. Featuring photos that look dull and uninteresting won’t appeal to prospects. So be meticulous in choosing those. For instance, if you have a jewelry business, you can promote it on Facebook by posting photos that feature the intricate designs of your jewelry pieces.

Keep these simple tips in mind when interacting with your friends and fans for a successful Facebook marketing venture.

Be sure to read our next issue of Facebook for Business soon.

There are certainly a lot of ways to make use of Facebook for Business. Do you want to learn more, see here for additional Facebook marketing tips and tricks.

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