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5 Web Design Tips for Beginners

Written by Ival on December 8th, 2012. Posted in Website Design

Your business website must get great first impressions from your visitors. First impressions can greatly contribute to the number of new clients you might get. So web design is a critical process.

Here are some web design tips in order to make your site more appealing to potential clients and customers.

1. Make use of white space.

Do not congest your page with too many photos, images, colorful fonts, and backgrounds. Remember, less in more. You need to just keep it simple. White space makes your page more spacious but not almost-empty. It also makes your page looking more neat and organized. Make sure you have a good balance of images and texts. Do not make one side of your page too heavy on images or texts. Too many words that are not broken by any box with photo or image, would look so gray, boring, and hard-to read.

2. Make sure there are no broken links.

Before you upload any links to your web server, make sure they are correct and complete. One way to check for broken link is by uploading your site using online tools such as Net Mechanic.

3. Make sure your fonts styles and font colors are readable and look professional.

The worst way to make your page look so unprofessional is by making use of Comic Sans font style in bright green or pink. As much as possible, do not use this type of font and other fancy fonts with fancy curves, waves, and curls. Also, avoid using fonts that are not mostly available on other computers. If the font style you used is not available of the computer of your visitor, your site will automatically make use of the default font of his or her computer which delivers horrifying results. So, do stick with generic and professional fonts. The Verdana and the Arial are two of the most commonly used fonts that can give a more professional look to a website.

4. Makes sure your navigations are clear.

Your aim once a person visits your site is for him to dig in deeper. Having a clear navigation can make this possible. Put all significant links at prominent spots like the top part where website guests usually look at first. Put menu on the left side of your site since generally, people tend to look starting from left to right. Connect as many pages of your website as possible. Make sure all important information can be accessed from every part of your website.

5. Make sure you include a site search.

This is a very important element of a website. This will give users lesser and more convenient time looking for a specific thing or information in your website. Site searches are usually placed at the upper left corner of the page.

3 Reasons Why Hiring a Web Designer Is Still a Significant Trend

Written by Ival on December 8th, 2012. Posted in Website Design

As various businesses find their way to the world of Internet, web design companies and professional web designers have become a hit. The websites have been working as the round the clock representatives for the businesses to generate revenue. And as the world turned to shopping online, getting your company on the online platform has become more of a necessity. This clearly explains as to why, a professionally made website is more a need of the era, as against the luxury it used to be some few years back.

Following are the main reasons why it is quite important to have your website made professionally:

1. Your Website is Not Just any Other Website (But a Business with Purpose):

With quite literally the whole world on the Internet, what you need most of all for your business to work better is to be taken seriously. If it is not the case, you need to think over your website being made by some professional offshore web designers who have some good experience in the job. A plain and simple looking website might look fine to the visitors, but a professional looking website has a much better impact. With a lot of fraudulent websites on the Internet, you might want to give off an image of being a legitimate and trustworthy company.

2. You Want Your Content to be Search Engine Optimized (Very important to reach target customers):

The other reason for you to think of having some web design services company develop your website for you is the fact that you sure want your website to be seen. The online marketing puzzle is never complete without Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Now, if you want to be found by a user on the Internet, which literally has a sea of information, you better need your page optimized for the same and that could only be done by some professional web designers, as they know perfectly well what is to be done and put on the website to make it count.

3. You Don’t Want to Lag Behind in the Modern Trends (Many of them are left behind):

The trend with the website designs keep changing and since you know that things that might have been working for your site few years back might not work today, you might want your website to get updated. With the professional help of the web design companies and the professional offshore web designers, who know perfectly well about the things that might best count on a website, you might still stay in the competition of the latest website trends.

The other simple thing that you need to know is the fact that the customers need to feel safe to stay on your website and use the services. A professional designer might help better in making the site more secured by upgrading the site from HTTP to HTTPS. More secure and encrypted the site is more are the chances that the user might find it trustworthy enough to enter their personal information. Thus finding a professional to create and design your website might sound like a much better idea if you want your website to really work for your business.

A Realtor Website Designed by Experts

Written by Ival on December 8th, 2012. Posted in Website Design

Having a website interface in today’s day and age can take your business to new heights and can help in the growth of your revenue. Hiring a professional web designer helps you in achieving the right look and appearance for your real estate website.

The main business of real estate agents is to list and show numerous available properties to customers and help them in finding the right kind of home that suits their tastes. Different people have various expectations of how they want their home to be and a good real estate agent helps people in finding the right home. However it is very important for real estate agents and brokers to constantly advertise the properties available in order to be visible. Having a presence on the internet helps real estate agents to list the properties available with them and makes it available for viewing to anybody who visits the website. It is important for the website to be designed and constructed in an impressive manner to ensure the visitors are engaged well and find it easy to access the website. Browsing the website must be easy for visitors and it must have all the details that a visitor might need when looking for a property.

Registration of the domain name for website is done by web designers and this involves having a server which can host your website. A good and reliable server is very essential for the website to be operational and functional at all times and this is necessary in order to attract more clients. Websites designed by professional designers give real estate agents the flexibility to manage their property listings very easily. Every listing can be modified as per requirement and this allows real estate agents to keep their website updated. Each of the listings can be accompanied by a detailed description which can be written in unlimited number of words. Numerous photographs of the property can also be uploaded for every listing and this helps visitors to the website get a visual view of the property.

Virtual tours of the property can also be made available to the visitors on the website and helps in giving them an experience to view the property as if they were viewing it in person.

Professional real estate website designers link your website to numerous search engines and also ensure the content on your website is search engine optimized which helps in getting a higher ranking in search results for your website. Visitors to the website can be tracked and they can be asked to fill a form that will help in keeping a track of their contact details. Mailers can be designed and sent to their email addresses on a regular basis to ensure their interest is retained in properties. Details about the neighborhood can be provided for every listing by professional real estate website designers. This helps people in knowing and understanding the locality better and helps in making more information available to them.

Best realtor websites can be created to attract visitors and to boost sales of properties available with real estate agent. Information about home loans and relevant articles can also be provided on your website along with financing options which will help people in planning their payments better.

Getting Started With User Experience Crafting for Websites

Written by Ival on December 8th, 2012. Posted in Website Design

Okay, this is a tough topic, because it involves really hard problems and really easy problems, however I’m not here to tell you how tough it is, I’m here to give you an easy introduction to crafting user experiences.

So, first off, what do we mean by crafting user experiences? Put simply it’s what users remember when they visit or use your site. It could be ‘man, that site was the coolest’ or ‘oh, this is so buggy’.

Now, the first order of business is figuring out what you want your users to feel?

Do you want them to leave your site feeling happy? Excited? Efficient? Smart?

Second thing, who are your users? Give an age-span together with professional background. Do you know anyone like that? Excellent, go ask them when it where the last time they felt what you want your website to make them feel.

I assume that you already have a site, now take a look at that. No, really, exit this page, look at yours and return to this. Now.

First order of business, grab all the low hanging fruit. Read through all the popular material that’s older than a week and look for obvious spelling-mistakes and sentences that sound strange. Remember, text is the gold standard for communication on the internet at the moment (video is quickly gaining ground though). Also check to see if your articles are up to date, it’s usually better to cut than keep something that’s stale.

Check to see if its easy to read and pay especial attention to contrast and fonts. Also try to increase the text-size and Google translate it to another language. If it’s readable after that you have avoided the worst hurdles.

Also check to see that both images and links have alt-texts (texts that show up when you hover your mouse over them, among other things). Try to keep this text descriptive since it will be read by people with sight-disabilities and when your images stops working.

Last thing to look for is to consider button-sizes and the like. Beginning computer learners tend to use the mouse a lot and buttons and menu’s should be of an OK size for them.

Now, return to your friends words on what makes them feel what you want them to feel and try to incorporate that into the page. This is where it gets very, very complicated very quickly, but remember, as long as the site is clear, informative and generally works, then you cannot go to wrong.

Website Templates – An Economical Solution For Those On A Budget

Written by Ival on December 7th, 2012. Posted in Website Design

In the old days people would always hire a professional website designer because they felt this was the best way to ensure they got a professional looking website made. Companies and individuals were willing to spend thousands of dollars for the chance to create a web presence that would give them a good image. Nowadays, especially because of the state of the economy, many companies and individuals are deciding to go with website templates instead of a website designer or developer. There are a multitude of reasons for this.

The first reason would be because hiring a web developer or designer is going to consume far more time than getting website templates. Think about it, you have to explain to the web developer exactly what you want. You have to go over it with them again and again and again. You will have to monitor what is being created and make adjustments during the project. Once the project is finished it is probably going to be behind schedule, and adjustments will need to be made that might cost you more money and more time.

When you hire a professional web developer to make a website for you, it is also going to cost way more money. There are low-priced developers, and then there are high-priced developers. But no matter what you are going to end up paying way more than what you expect. Each one comes with pros and cons. Low-priced website designers are not going to be that experienced, but that is why their prices are going to be so low. This does not mean that they do not have the skills; they just are not proven enough yet to warrant a high price.

When it comes to the high-priced website developers, they are going to have a reputation to back them. They are going to have a portfolio of professional websites they have created that are going to speak for their work. High-priced website designers are going to have people who could vouch for them as well as have a very strong web presence. This is the reason why they are going to be priced so expensively, because what you are really paying for is a degree of certainty, not necessarily superior quality.

With website templates you can get the best of both worlds. You can get something that is low-priced, was made by a professional developer, and is going to have at least a semi-professional look that should suit you just fine. These designs have been developed exclusively for professionals and individuals who want a simple solution. You will be able to add your own images, content, etc. to the site. As far as price goes though, it can definitely fluctuate. You can find low-priced templates or higher priced website templates.

I would say the number one benefit to website templates is that they’re going to save you from having to wait for somebody else to get done with your website. You won’t control don’t you? Well website templates allow you to have a personal website set up within a few days after purchasing. All you would need is to select the platform you want and then choose templates that are going to suit it. Now compare this to trying to do everything yourself or hiring a professional web developer. It can take days before the product is even ready to get started.

Website templates are also extremely well coded. What does this mean to you? Well let’s assume you do not know anything about coding. You are going to want to make small changes to the templates, but you may not know what you are doing. Learning how to make these minor changes will only take a few minutes in most cases. These templates are very well coded, usually with the most up-to-date coding methods. So you will never need to worry about this. Not to mention the fact that website templates are very search engine optimization friendly.

You might be worried that the designs you find for website templates are not going to be as attractive as you need them to be. We all want nice looking designs for our websites, no matter how little money we might pay. Well here’s the good news, website templates you find on the Internet are going to be designed in a very attractive fashion. Even when you find templates you are not happy with, you’re going to have countless thousands of templates you can select from until you find something that is just perfect for your business, individual needs, or niche. You just have to be willing to look.

You can also find website templates that are designed for content management. This means if your goal is to create a content-based website, such as a blog, you will have an easy time managing the content. You will be able to easily create and publish unlimited blog posts, and all without having to have knowledge of web programming like HTML, CSS, PHP, etc. One of the best templates for content management would be WordPress and also Joomla. There are other options available as well that you might be more comfortable with.

The bottom line is website templates might at first seem like they are unprofessional and they would not make sense for someone who is serious about business. The reality is they are economical and a perfect way to get set up quickly and easily. Why spend thousands of dollars you can allocate towards the marketing of your business when you can spend a fraction on these templates instead? Remember, these have been designed by professional web developers in the first place; You’re not going to be getting a low-quality product.

In some cases you can even find website templates available in suites. This means you will be able to get more than one template for a set price. This is going to work on different levels, because it means you will have several options you can pick from if you do not like a particular theme.

Quality, price and value – synthesis of those components makes Consumer Perception. You will not have to worry about it because you always can get quality Website Templates for the best price.