5 Key Ways to Engage Your Facebook Business Page Fans

Written by Ival on February 15th, 2014. Posted in SEO

We’ve all heard that if you are in business, you need to have a Facebook Business page or Fan page.

Now that you’ve gone ahead and built your Facebook fan page, what’s the next step?

If you build it they will come… or will they?

If you now do nothing with your Facebook page, it will do nothing for you. Congratulations, you have a cyber-slug! If you don’t have the time to spend keeping your page updated, or you don’t have the cash in your business to pay someone else to keep your page updated, you are wasting your time. It’s that simple. We’re a fickle crowd. If you are not keeping your page current and populated with new and interesting bits and pieces to read, you won’t be top of mind with those that have liked your page. Without posting on your wall, your fans are not seeing your page in their newsfeed. Your fans will have to remember to find and revisit your page. They won’t.

When was the last time you actively visited a page on Facebook purely because you thought of it? Or did you see a post or comment in your newsfeed from a friend that caught your eye and you clicked through to find out more. My guess is option 2. Most of us operate that way. We see what others are doing or talking about and then go and have a look see.

With that in mind, how can you apply the browsing habits of most online users to your Facebook page strategy to ensure people continue to visit your page?

1. Post 2 to 3 times per week

Yes, per week. Be on your wall posting articles, comments, questions, videos, photos, etc at least 2 to 3 times per week to keep your page fans engaged. If you are not talking to your page visitors, someone else will be.

2. Post at different times of the day / different days of the week

Unless you know exactly when your page fans are online, make an effort to post at different times of the day and also, post on different days of the week. By posting at different times of the day, you can make sure you are appearing in the newsfeed of your fans at differing times. People are online at different times of the day. Some like to early morning browse. Some jump online after lunch. Others do a quick catch up on what’s happening at dinner time or when they’ve finally put the kids to bed and have a few moments to themselves. Likewise, some people are more active on weekdays. Others browse on the weekend when things have slowed down at work. Know when your target market is online and post specifically to tap into their peak browsing times.

3. Repost your content

It’s perfectly fine to write one single article and post the same article to your wall 2 or 3 times. Just make sure you spread out the time between the posting. For example, you may post an article at the start of the month and repost it at the end of the month. Why? No one can possibly be on Facebook 24 hours a day. There will be fans that would love to read your content but were not online when you first posted it. Reposting gives people the chance to catch it on the second time around.

4. Post Content from other Sources

Be seen as in information disseminator. As well as sharing your own information, source material that you know will appeal to your target market. If you read an article that was helpful to you in business, chances are, it will also benefit others. So share it. Your Facebook page visitors will appreciate the gesture and may even “on-share” it, citing you as the reference point where they found it. This is where the ability to tag in Facebook can be really useful. An article you found and posted can easily be shared as a link by someone else, with a tag to your page as a thank you for sharing. Win-win!

5. Respond to Comments or Questions

If someone posts a question or a comment on your page, reply. Sounds simple, but I’m amazed how many people don’t even bother to visit their own page to see what is happening on the wall. Engaging with your visitors is an ideal way to establish rapport and build up a following of loyal fans who will love to hear from you. If you do this, chances are next time they have a question in your field of expertise, they’ll ask you. Their friends will also see that they’ve posted on your Facebook business page wall and some will click through to see why.

Why Did you Build a Facebook Business Page?

Your aim when building a Facebook business page should be to generate traffic to your page, as a source of potential leads, clients and customers. Your challenge is to keep them interested when they get there. Keep them engaged. Keep them coming back. That way they’ll see you as the expert and seek your advice and opinion when they have an issue to solve or question to ask.

10 Benefits Of Having A Facebook Page For Your Business

Written by Ival on February 11th, 2014. Posted in SEO

There are many opportunities when it comes to social networking, and Facebook is the biggest and most well known. Almost everyone is familiar with Facebook and personal profiles. To personal profiles you add friends. Those friends share posts, exchange messages, and interact in a variety of ways.

You can also create a Facebook page for your business. The goal is to get likes. These likes translate to fans, and then you to engage those fans so that they share your posts and as a result, more people come and like your page and so it continues to grow.

A Facebook page offers many benefits to a business. In this article I want to look at 10 benefits to having a Facebook page for your business. Your Facebook page has the ability to drive targeted traffic to your business website.

You are able to communicate and interact with your fans in much the same way you would with e-mail. When a person likes your page, they are automatically added and from that point on it is easy to communicate with them. It does not matter how many fans you have, communicating with them requires no more work. One message reaches all of them. The more fans you have faster the number of fans grows. It’s called viral growth and you can benefit significantly from it. This is because each of your fans also has a network of people whom they communicate and that larger group can see the pages that your fan likes.

Facebook has a high page rank so your Facebook page will appear in Google and other search engines. Your website is also a good place for backlinks. It is quite obvious that the more fans or likes you have the more popular your product or service will be and as a result the more likes or fans you will get. This growth will be exponential in nature.

Your Facebook page is an excellent source for feedback on your products or services. It also allows a venue for in depth discussions on products or services. These discussions will be far more reaching than any advertising that you will do through almost any other medium and most of the discussion will not come from you.

Your Facebook page can be an excellent tool if you use it as a customer support system to your business. You will quickly find that your customers will support each other. The advent of Facebook messaging and Facebook e-mail have provided additional means of communicating with your customers or prospects.

Facebook has a number of social plugins that you can use to add additional functionality to your website. By way of example, one such plugin allows visitors to your website to comment in a Facebook comment box on your website, and those comments instantly show up on your Facebook page. Facebook is the largest social networking site on the Internet with by far the largest number of users and those numbers are growing daily. This means that you have a vast market available to target.

I hope that these 10 benefits to having a Facebook page for your business have shown you that this is a simple and valuable way of providing support to existing customers as well as a way of reaching out to new ones.

5 Easy Ways to Let People Know About Your Facebook Fan Page

Written by Ival on February 10th, 2014. Posted in SEO

Here are two of the most common questions I get from small business owners when it comes to Facebook:

1) How can I separate my personal information from my professional?


2) What is the best way bring attention to my business and engage others?

The answer is simple–you can achieve both by having a Facebook “Fan Page.”

A Fan Page is just a public profile that allows you to share information about your services or products with others on Facebook. Pages are great for creating buzz and for exposing your business to an ever-increasing circle of Facebook users.

However, a frequent complaint I hear from those with Fan Pages is how little Facebook does to allow you to connect your personal profile to your Fan Page.

Obviously, you want your Facebook friends to know that you also have a Page, so how can you encourage them to go there and hopefully become a fan?

Here are a few simple ways:

1) Use “Suggest to Friends” link underneath the photo on your Page. This allows you to send your Facebook friends an invitation to support you as a Fan.

2) Use the “Share” button on the bottom left under where it says “Create a Page for My Business.” This allows you to either post your Page info to your personal profile or send a message about your Page to others.

3) Click the link under your Fan Page picture that says “Add Fan Box to Your Site.” A Fan Box allows you to embed the most recent activity from your Page right in your blog or website. Facebook will generate the code and all you need to do is copy and paste. When someone clicks on the Box, they can become a Fan right from your site.

4) Use the Custom Profile Box application to add a section to your personal profile that directs others to your Page. I used this application to link an image (a Facebook icon) to my Page. Above the image I added the message “Visit my fan page!”

5) Use the text box provided under your personal profile picture to add a blurb letting others know that you also have a Fan Page and include the URL to your page. (Once you have 100 fans you are eligible for a vanity URL for your Page at Facebook.com/username.)

Start implementing these tips to encourage people to come visit your Page. When others become fans and interact with your Page, this activity will be visible to their friends via the News Feed. Soon, this viral effect will send lots of new, curious eyeballs to your Fan Page–and you’ll be growing your fan base in no time!

How To Make Sure 100% of Your Facebook Fans See Your Post

Written by Ival on February 10th, 2014. Posted in SEO

If you are a small business owner and you Facebook for sales then you know the importance of having a business fan page. You want to make sure that all of your fans see your post and not just a small few. Unfortunately, Facebook does not show your post to all of your fans there are a couple of things you have to do in order to get more people to see it.

Post daily- Facebook loves fresh real time content and so do your fans. Don’t be afraid to post at least twice a day to your fans. Make sure the content is of value.

Encourage Fans to comment- this increases your visibility. If you are not getting comments, then Facebook edge rank algorithm will not consider your post to be of value and it will get lost in the sauce

Use Facebook tools to engage- In order to Facebook for sales you have to use the tools to keep people coming back. Surveys, polls, events, and games are great ways to keep them involved and coming back 2 or 3 times a day.

These are some great tips that you can use right now in order to get more of your fans to see your post. If you are using Facebook advertising and not breaking even, you might want to check the types of information you are posting and the type of offer you are displaying to your fans.

How to Increase the Number of Fans for Your Facebook Page

Written by Ival on February 10th, 2014. Posted in SEO

With more than 3 million businesses, brands and celebrities having pages on Facebook, many are still trying to figure out what the main advantages of having such a page are. Many companies have realized that, although they always update the content, the number of fans does not increase as expected. Below you will find four useful steps you will need to follow in order to succeed.

1. Ask for the fans’ opinion

By posting something on Facebook, you can generate a large number of comments. But if you post content in the form of a question, you will have even more chances of success. You should address to everyone’s ego, plus everyone knows that people love to share their views. NBA adopted this strategy, offering a top rating of the best players created by the users.

2. Check their knowledge

Think of a test that is fun and also relevant at the same time. By doing this, you will not only increase the number of fans, but you will also increase the duration that the user will stay on your page. One of the companies applied the strategy is Molotov, a digital marketing agency, among whose clients include actors David Spade and Jamie Kennedy. To promote the new George Lopez’s TV show, they thought of creating a Facebook test called “How well do you know George Lopez?”, in which users had to answer questions related to his most recent roles and his personal life, plus some extra questions from the episode that was aired.

3. Advertise in the content group

If a contest can get you the email addresses of participants, simply posting them on your page can result in attracting them and their friends to participate. The idea is to relate the content with the offer. Maybe the fans are already attached to your brand and now it’s time to make an offer. It does not even have to be something expensive. Before the Super Bowl, National Football League (NFL) held a contest called “How well do you know the NFL?” The winner was awarded with a $50 card on NFLshop.com. And yet, over 10,000 people participated in the contest. If we consider that each participant has to turn a few hundred friends, another two million users will result. Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

4. Give thanks to fans

By giving something of value – whether it’s just a coupon or tickets to a show, this is one way to show them that you appreciate that they follow your page. NBA again had an excellent strategy. In a custom video for a randomly selected fan, Shaq thanked the 385th fan of the page.

5. Buy Fans

And lastly, by purchasing fans or likes for your fanpages you jumpstart the liking process. People are more inclined to like a fanpage who already has more fans or likes. Fans begets more fans. Likes begets more likes. To purchase more likes, fans or followers for your facebook fanpages or profiles go to -> http://www.surigaodigitalservices.net/buy-and-increase-your-facebook-followerssubscribers