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If you want to be more popular, you should have the greatest number of views and likes to your videos. This fact is well known for valid Youtube users. But you can be popular when there are some negative and even unpleasant comments under your video. Bad comments and dislikes attracts new watchers to your video. In this case, you know that you may be in the spotlight because new watchers will tell other users about you. This is very alike on a knock-on effect. Of course, the scope depends on your video’s quality, etc. We can help you on this point. Our team will do everything instead of you. You can buy views, likes or dislikes for your own videos or for your friends’.

We accept Paypal Payments. Paypal accepts all the leading Major credit/debit cards. Procedure for Paypal Payment: Send me your Paypal email address through private message and the number of YouTube video dislikes to order so I can send you a Paypal invoice. You can then use the invoice to pay for your order.

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