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Being the most popular social media network, Facebook is probably where you want to start marketing or promoting your products and services. Most companies and Internet Marketers are realizing that Facebook has the potential to cause a massive increase in sales. And if you would like to do that from your personal facebook account, the new Facebook Follow (Subscribe) option is just for you. You will not be bound by the 5,000 friends limit on Facebook, and you can get as many followers (subscribers) as you want to your personal account. The more people you have following you on Facebook, the more likely it is that they will see what you’re doing and become more interested in your work around the web.

Followers on Facebook are people who follow your public posts but are not friends. They are able to read only your public posts on your personal Facebook profile. This is very similar to a follower on Twitter or a circle in Google+. Fans are people who like a business, brand or product page, you do not have fans for your personal profile. If you have reached the 5,000 maximum number of friends on your Facebook personal profile and you would like to expand your reach, allowing followers is a good idea. When you allow followers, anyone can follow and get your public updates in their News Feed, even if you’re not Facebook friends. You can have an unlimited number of people following you, but are limited to 5,000 subscriptions you want to follow, just like friends.

People following (subscribing) to your account will receive all your posts, status updates in their newsfeed, just as if they were your friends on facebook. This new option, will remove all the limits on your account, and you can reach as many people as you can. This works just like the other social networks.

Generating and increasing your current number of Facebook Subscribers or followers is often perceived as one of the most effective tools businesses can use to create interest in their products. This is usually a process that is unclear by many account owners that are just beginning the social media marketing process. Marketers that learn the advantages of this effort are usually able to increase their marketing presence significantly.


An increased base of followers also allows the business an opportunity to keep their growth efforts as streamlined and efficient as possible. Launching campaigns is now made much simpler by updating the profile page.

Profiles with a large number of susbscribers and followers are also able to gain a significant number of referral fans as a result of their efforts. The referral process is usually as simple as people seeing their friends liking something and becoming fans along with them. This domino effect is usually capable of being able to reach out to an increasing base of niche consumers as it perpetuates itself.

More Followers (Subscribers) will drive even more Followers (Subscribers) to your account and after a certain amount of Followers (Subscribers) you will notice a continuous increase in your follower (subscriber) base, because facebook’s Follower (Subscriber) suggestion system will prioritize accounts that have 10,000 or more Followers (Subscribers), meaning once you get to this number, facebook will start showing your account randomly to other facebook users. And this will increase the amount users following (subscribing) your account automatically.

In order to use our services, the “followers” (subscription) option should be enabled on your personal account, as this is not enabled by default. You would need to go to your “account settings” and then choose the followers (subscribers) option from the left navigation menu. And you would have to tick the “Turn on Follow” (Allow Subscribers) checkbox. Once you have activated this option you should now see the follow (subscribe) option on your timeline, and you are ready to get as many followers (subscribers) as possible to increase your reach. Also note that a box on your timeline will now show the amount of followers (subscribers) you have.

Keep in mind, posts on your timeline may appear elsewhere on Facebook to the audience they’re shared with, such as in News Feed and search.

One drawback to allowing followers on your personal profile is that you may get hit with a lot of spam or fake profiles. In many cases they only want to be able to post a link to something they are selling in your newsfeed. You can stop this by choosing whether or not your subscribers are allowed to comment on your posts.


  • 100 Facebook Followers/Likes = $5
  • 250 Facebook Followers/Likes = $10
  • 500 Facebook Followers/Likes = $15
  • 1000 Facebook Followers/Likes = $25
  • 2000 Facebook Followers/Likes = $40
  • 5000 Facebook Followers/Likes = $80
  • 10,000 Facebook Followers/Likes = $160 (+3,000 Extra Followers/Likes FREE)
  • 20,000 Facebook Followers/Likes = $320¬†(+5,000 Extra Followers/Likes FREE)

We accept Paypal Payments. Paypal accepts all the leading Major credit/debit cards.Procedure for Paypal Payment: Send me your paypal email address through private message and the number of followers/fans/subscribers to order so I can send you a Paypal invoice. You can then use the invoice to pay for your order.

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